You know the end of E&P is near when

Credit to @ModernThinker

Any other bold predictions or cryptic prophecies on what the end of E and P will look like?

Any spooky signs we should be aware of?

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts

Jokes and serious stuff both accepted!!


You know the end of E & P is near when the new hero of the month is Banana Man - ever alert for the call to action


The End of E&P begin when you did 10* pull and you got 10 times in a row of Smiling Tuck, and he just gave u his big and Cheerful smile at your crying face.


You will know the end is near when suddenly, for no reason, the next update looks like a dream update:

Loot tickets are free or very cheaply available in the shop,
Past HotM Heroes, and other 5* heroes, are easy to get,
4* ingredients are very cheaply available in shop, or easily farmable,
A third builder is added,
4* ascension items are farmable,
Wanted mission chests have no cool down.

Longtime Mods like Coppersky and Rook, suddenly get custom in game avatars, cosmetic buildings or hero skins as a thank you for their service. This last is more a “End is coming” than “The End”.


So Zynga bought SGG a couple of months ago for how much? For a game that is about to end soon?



When there is nothing new (either game system / heroes / buildings), when one by one old players leave, when everything cost u money, when the mats / embelms even harder to get that make people give up.

Right now EP is still solid, but if there is no growth in terms of new players and then old players leave, it is going to the last day. Take a sample of “myspace” website.

Take home message: growth, new players and new things is important for a company to survive. The easier path for inviting new players is first the company should make old players happy. When old players happy, then they will become free marketing mouth to spread this game to the new players and wider markets…


It’s the end when even Brobb will start to complain about P2W and Small Giant :face_with_monocle:

End of all things, not only the game.
Save the childrens.


…the end is near … when your wife is expecting your third child.


Whahahaaaa u make my day :rofl:

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… when one of the best players and leader of one of the greatest alliances leave the game :disappointed_relieved:


None other to blame than yourself :wink:



When v20 makes Aegir the best hero in E&P, this will be the first trumpet blowing on the gamepocalypse.


In alliance trading of unfarmable mats. The harbinger of the end will be a mistake such as this.

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When people start realizing that even after you’ve spent all the money chasing the shiny new hero, leveled them up, locked in the level 30 troops, and filled them full of emblems, I still beat them in raids 9 out of 10 times…

Wait what? I’ve spent hundreds or even thousands and I still lose to someone who stopped spending money? That doesn’t seem fair! I quit!!


Is this serious thread? I thought it was joking (like Ridiculous thread). Not sure whether to add a post or not… :grin:


… when my cell’s empty.
… when my acc will be hacked.

Definitely the end, when you can buy all you want directly in the shop.

… when your ally loses 10 consecutive wars :wink:


…When I delete all E&P pics off my phone…

:flushed: :grin:


I’ve got 6.
I think the end will be near if there is a 7th…

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“iphone storage is nearing its limit. you may want to consider clearing space”

“hmm… time to delete my war vids, raid vids, ascension loots, 10-pull reveals… there we go… 10 gb should do it…”



I used to play Rage of Bahamut with @DJQuixo. We played for about 3 years together on that game and between us we spent about 7000 dollars. It was a card-battle game not unlike this, where you ascend,etc. Titans to kill, etc. Just wasn’t a match-3.

We both agreed that we saw the writing on the wall when:

  1. No new development was in the game
  2. The same recycled ‘pvp wars’ and ‘guild wars’ kept popping up, but no single-player ‘events’
  3. Fraud was literally unstoppable due to the trading market place they’d set up. See my comments here: Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!
  4. Pseudo-famous, top-level players began to depart with calm, logical complaints

Players in our guild were quick to disbelieve but, sure enough, the developers posted on facebook and the game was over 2 months later.

As long as SGG keeps producing new content and NEVER implements trading, this game should last another 2-3 years. Beyond that? Probably not. (prove me wrong, SGG).


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