You have the annual 2nd Builder & your base is maxed...what next?


SG made available the option to get a 2nd builder for 1yr, or 1mth.

To those that have purchased the annual builder, and in so doing get everything levelled in their base, what next?

There will be alot of new players who “may” purchase the annual builder to catch up to alliance members, or whoever, then find themselves with a redundant builder.

My curiosity wonders if SG has something in the pipeline, st some stage of course, to make it less redundant. Granted, you’ll still get the gems and loot tickets each month until it’s expired.

I’d also be interested to know how many people, if any, have purchased the annual one.

What are your thoughts?


Skip it unless you think it’s a good deal on gems.
Eventually we will get more buildings and you can resubscribe.


VIP Pass gives you:

  • 2nd builder you can no longer use
  • 30 gems and 3 loot tickets daily
  • a pet dragon

The gems are still useful, and the dragon is still cute.

I’ve got no buildings left to upgrade that I’m in any hurry about now that my farms, mines, and food and iron storages are all maxed.

I might keep paying for VIP just for the gems. It is about the best gem value in the game if you collect them all.


The dragon is very cute, and of course the gems are helpful.


There will likely be a paygate option to skip whatever artificial obstacles placed in game in the future. You will not think too much about it, you will like it, be grateful for the ‘opportunity’ and most importantly you will pay for it cause you want to… support the devs and so on…


I do agree, in a sense, however it does help to get TCs up and running, etc.


I suppose what I’m leading to in my curiosity, is what’s the point of a 2nd builder if you can’t use it to build anymore…aside from the daily gems & a pet dragon.


You also get the 2x daily summons too.


Oh yes I’d forgotten about that :laughing:


The gems themselves are a great deal at the price of the VIP pass, even if they are spread out over a month. The loot tickets and the 2X daily summon are icing for me.


Honestly, I saw enough value in this package that I do the second builder even though I already had a nearly maxed base at the time. Days where I can pull double troops are nice, and the gems deal works for me!


I completely agree TCs are the best way to get 5* and level them. But once all your buildings are done it’s just a really good gem value.


If you accept pay-to-play, then a great gem deal is all you need.

I bought the annual deal when it came out, and I think there wss a gem front end as well.

My builders are resting now as only training camps remain below max levels. I would be finishing those, but until I use the last trained feeder, I must wait.


I have the 2nd builder. At the start I was getting month by month, then I got frustrated having to purchase each month I then bought the annual one.

I’ve just about levelled everything that can be and then will spend time killing ducks, trying to slay the dragon and petting my dragon lol.


I have 2nd builder from VIP for months longer due to buying the cheaper yearly rate, but have long since finished my base to all lvl 20 buildings. Even the forge underneath my barracks is lvl 20.

I’m still glad to have the trickle of cheap gems, but hope for new buildings to come along one day soon.


@MrsBCW - I did purchase the Annual myself… Not using that 2nd builder anymore myself and have some time left to go… 134days and 14hours to be exact :sunglasses: Good Topic!


What is the purpose of the 1st builder once you max out your base ?

If you are only getting the VIP Pass for the second builder, the annual VIP Pass is not a good option.

My family purchased two annual VIP Passes.

I don’t see people worrying about the Daily Summons x2 when they finish building Training camp 11 ( extra low cost training ). In one year of Daily Summons x2 you get heroes worth 360 recruits and 22 hours of World Energy and 180 troops ( 1*, 2* with occasional 3* )

Gryphonkit, my wife, has an all maximum base. I rage quit for 4 months and did not use 1st or 2nd builder for 120 days. But both of us are happy with the annual VIP Pass.

I am actually happy Gryphonkit has maximum buildings. Unlike other games, Empires starts you out at a huge disadvantage with your Stronghold level 1. Until you finish building Training Camp 11, you waste hours of resources ( Note recruits cost ). Forges are useful for fighting Titans, but only for top level Titans that reward 3 ascension item rolls. Barracks, which is not available until Stronghold 10, is the only building that cannot be replaced by spending gems in the shop.

Gryphonkit uses her daily gems to summon ( gain heroes behind the paywall ). I use my daily gems to buy more Loot tickets ( gain ingredients, food, XP since high map levels are so terrible compared to s1-7-7 for recruits, 1* & 2* troops, and 1* & 2* heroes ). Also the leveling with loot ticket trick ( see Notes ).

Personally the major reason I bought us both annual VIP Passes was to support a game she loves.


==Leveling with loot tickets trick==

Recruits are often the most expensive part of leveling a hero from 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80 compared to food and low level ascension items ( 1* and 2* items ).


If you’re not using the second builder, but you’re still willing to spend $5/month, you can buy the little gem packages we see once or twice a month, usually with the Challenge Event, and get 1000 :gem: instead of the ~900 from VIP. You don’t get the double daily summons, but as @Gryphonknight points out, that’s not a huge perk.


Everybody’s saying the dragon is cute.
Cute? I mean, c’mon, really?!
Have you seen the long legs of Sartana?
Now that’s cute…


Good point. And if you rage quit for 120 days, you don’t lose 3600 gems.

Or you could do both for around $9 USD. The annual VIP Pass works out to $4.16 USD per month for 900 gems.

How can you say a crying dragon is not cute ?