You have GOT to be kidding with Guinevere

Really? Talk about a game-breaking hero.

I can barely hit her without her powering up, and then she takes away my powered up hero’s mana and charges up again the next round of hits? There’s no way she’s an “average” mana builder.

I’m at the point where I look for ways to NOT make combos so I can try to charge up on the other monsters, but even that isn’t working.

I know this is a challenge event and supposed to be hard, but come on… Can you imagine having to raid against her for the forseeable future?

Please, Dev’s, figure out a way to bring her into balance.


My “useless” Cipryan (so called by others) is a pain for this Guinevere…

Whilst i agree 100% that she is overpowered, keep in mind that the heroes charge their mana up faster during event than during normal game play (they also have more health etc).

My prime example is the guardian owl, which in the previous event would fire about ever other turn while he was extra slow. In events he was a pretty ■■■■ steady boss, in game he is utterly useless.


Yup… my loathing for this hero knows no bounds.

I found the effective way to combat her… carry a secondary load of small mana potions with a dispeller (Sonya, Caedmon, etc). Keep the dispeller charged in readiness. When she fires her spell, you top up your dispeller with a small flask and then hit her to remove her heals.

It’s expensive in mana flasks (and not even so expensive if your team grants you the luxury of using a 2nd battle items slot for small manas) but it works.

For the final battle in Intermediate, I just blew all of my direct damage items to lower her health some, and concentrated on taking her out first. (I had Boril which did a good job of lowering Author’s health by reflecting his attacks). I then spent some mana potions on strategy above to take her out. Once she was gone, the battle became more manageable… although taking out the other vampire wench was still not fun, but doable once you’ve opened some slots to charge up your mana without giving her any).

I really DID NOT enjoy that battle, nor the event as a whole. Not going to bother with Advanced… especially not for the rubbish loot. (Don’t need the Sturdy shield and got plenty of what else is on offer. Waste of time.).


Help from your fellow players:


i had far more trouble with morgan than with guin. she cast the life drain every 5 gems or so that hit her. with the inability to dispel it and it healing for so much i literally couldn’t hurt her. who the F play tested that? she literally wiped out my heroes 1 at a time over the course of 10 minutes.
finally had to axe/bomb cheese her.


I agree, for me, this event is way too hard … and the rewards,very awful. Rare quest is far better.

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Finished all 3 levels…now trying for good rank on intermidiate…Imwhen it was her, i ghosted gems as much as I could and just hit her with specials. Hitting her with gems is an exercise in frustration since she seems to fire every 4th gem. This event is definitely harder then the other two which is great but the rewards were better for the easier events, which makes no sense to me. Give us challenges, great…compensate use fairly for them.


@Rook THe skills of Guinevere are the worst so far at a hero. SG created a fast version of Li Xiu plus Regenerating HP. If someone will get her in combination with e.g. ares this team will not be possible to beat in a PVP. And again all the people who invest a lot of money will try to get her. She is unbalancing the game.
It is impossble with the stones (instead you have e.g. a diamond after she fires) to load your own hero until she fires again. She even fully unloaded 2 of my heroes in the final battle as the stones were really bad…

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She is ridiculous. I reported it in beta and they nerfed her a bit, but still too strong.

after my post I saw that she is supposed to be avg. in speed. As she was loading so fast I thought during fights that she is fast. I reported in the bug section that I don’t think that the speed is avg. I cannot my avg. speed heroes with 3x3 stones

Like mentioned in the other thread, monsters and event bosses charge at a faster rate,to provide a challenge. The behavior is different from using them yourself or facing them in raids.


On one hand - totally understandable design choice, adds some strategy, yada yada.

On the other - holy flying manatee does it feel lame when you see a combo going and instead of going YAY! you gotta go OH HELL NO! because your guys were JUST ready to go after you move, but the tiles just keep coming, and coming, and poking Guinevere, and you can see that evil gleam in her eye, and then Morgan gets to go and stake her claim over your Monkey, and Arthur 1 shots your healer, and your entire majestic master plan goes straight to hell :scream_cat:


Yup. sigh (mutter mutter… drags out Revive scroll)
Caedmon: Wha… I’m back AGAIN
Rigard: Sorry… y’know Guinevere. You still have a job to do
Caedmon: but it HURTS. That bloody Arthur.
Rigard: (concentrates)… heal on it’s way
Caedmon: What the? Where’s the freakin’ heal?
Rigard: Oops… Guinevere again… sorry

Rigard: Wha… what happened?
Caedmon: Sorry. Morgan. Didn’t you know you had been hit. It sucks. (Literally).
Rigard: Well whose’s going to heal me then?
Boldtusk: TA-DAH! Here… let me…

Boldtusk: Wha… what happened.
Rigard: sigh. Arthur. (I’m out of Revive scrolls now by the way).
Boril: Guys… I have an idea… the pub is just around the corner - that way.


Guinevere is difficult to beat, but really she does very little damage, and Boril/Cyprian in the middle will eventually wear her down. You might need a few axes. It just takes longer. Patience and strategy is the key.


That’s why I pack mana flasks. :slight_smile:

Sabina, Melendor and Caedmon are the stars of this event.
Guinevere have a crazy special and the mana speed out of raids is killer.

@Little_Infinity, Thank you! I really needed a good laugh. :joy_cat:


Hahahaha! Love it! Now, I’ll be picturing this every time I play!

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Is Owl really that bad during regular play? He was a formidable boss in challenge event. I got him as a hero but haven’t leveled him up yet although I’ve been excited to do so. I thought he’d be awesome as offensive in raids. You just took the wind out of my sail.:frowning:

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