Im new. Hi.
I like the game alot, but i dont understand this all…

So heres my team:

Heres what i cant seem to grasp.

  1. Level 23 in santas challenge. I cant get against Mother North.
  2. HOW does anyone get 5*s heroes without paying? Or are yall really payong alot for this?
  3. War - i always die first, then i cant use my heroes because they are already used up?
  4. Team order? Any ideas?
  5. My alliance - i got no idea how i joined it?but they only speak turkish in it but we seem to do okay - any ideas for a new allaince?

Thankyou kind people of the internet forums! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: i know you will help me.

I’m feeding the baby, but I’ll chip in with a bit.

Here’s some great FREE rosters that players have built.

Don’t rush to 5*. They takes millions in food and thousands of feeder heroes. Your first two 4* will be useful for months to come

Here’s some great training alliances

I obviously recommend the Guardians family training alliance, Guardians Academy, but there are lots to choose from.

Greymane - Ishtaak - Rigard - Hawkmoon - Bane

For starters at a glance. Then kashrek in the middle when he’s levelled up.


Awwh, babiesss :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:
Thanks for replying.

Is this for defence,raids or farming?

Probably everything at the moment!

Maybe gan ju instead of Rigard on purple boss levels if you struggle

We have a great team and elders really helpful with any questions you have
It’s team USA

Is this an alliance offer? Should i find team usa?

Sorry team name Go USA!

However many times you die in defence, it makes no difference to attack.

But you can only attack with each hero once. So you need 30 in total to use all six energy flags - six teams of five heroes

I’d also recommend watching some videos on YouTube… it will help you understand how to organize the teams and how to play… Look for epic levels. And about 5*, sometimes they take a while to show up, relax and enjoy the heroes you have!

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If you’ll forgive another shameless plug, check out Magnificent Jr Bastards, our training alliance. And here is a link for lots of advice:


Sure im not an elder but yes we accept and have room for more team members all they ask of us is to play the game and once leveled up enough to fight titan and in wars do so no less than once a week the more you help with titan and wars the more stuff we win

And we are English speaking lol