**You got mail** Check your settings!

I just logged in to the email account I use for personal stuff and found that I had told the forum settings to email me whenever I had a like, reply or link.

I haven’t checked the account in a while with new baby, work, etc dominating my time, but it was still a surprise to have 5000 emails…

Anyway, check your settings and thanks to everyone for making me feel popular :joy:


@JonahTheBard. To send a mail


I do wonder, how, just how, does someone resurrect a three year old thread about a completely unrelated topic to rant about their one unsuccessful pull?

But kudos for using the chance to gripe about the pulls once more.


Well, obviously something went wrong in this thread. :thinking:

Tagging @Guvnor and - what a coincidence :rofl: - @JonahTheBard for attention and cleanup.

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I wonder how many @zephyr1 has now? :thinking:

Damn! A 10 pull with no legendary and no HOTM… that’s a first in E&P history! Outrageous! Good reason to revive this close related thread! We’re always told to search for related threads before posting, guess that’s what he did… Well done sir, well done!

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