You don't have to be crazy to play with us, but it helps! - Shop After Dark


Come join us and meet the fiery redhead that runs this shop!

Don’t worry once you get to know Jade she is as sweet as an atomic bomb wrapped in in a fiery hell sort of way…and that’s on her good days…we dont talk about the bad days…mostly because we can no longer remember them…lol

Shop After Dark…where the crazies come out to party

Crazies??? U rang??? Hi there. :laughing:

The Shop family accepts all levels of crazy…that’s how I got in…of course at the time they didn’t know about the personalities but they were also welcomed with open arms…or legs…whatever


Abracadabra boom shakalaka … I know some magic tricks …

The flaming hot leader needs some more moths … follow the light

We will have one spot open after war. Who dares to fill that space and become part of the Shops Family!

Get your chance and get on board and join the Dark side… The Shop After Dark know how to party have have great food and booze… plus plenty of bacon for everyone

3 spots are available. Looks like they graduate fast to the next level in the shops. Great job. Come claim a spot while available. :heart:

Looking for an alliance that has 80-90% participation in alliance wars and titans. I am probably on the low end of the spectrum you are looking for but I play everyday and participate consistently. Have 6 teams with powers at 3183, 2884, 2798, 2538, 2589, and 2137. Let me know if you think I might fit in

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U would be great. Contact mama…bear on line or @JadeButterfly and they will gladly get u set up for corruption. :laughing:

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I would be happy to get you set up in Shop After Dark. Message me back in the Line app at jadebutterfly75!

I am going to show my ignorance here, what line app? Not sure what you mean?

@mfj0ker line is an outside app ( free ) that u get from playstore. They use it for communication and for training videos and to share raid vids

It’s a great app to be able to communicate with your team as info can be lost in game chat. most teams anymore use Line or Discord… comes in handy for War strategies, tag players so they don’t miss a Titan, and as stated share videos to learn from each other

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@Sillystar i think I messaged you on line. Did you get it?

I did not… my Line ID is skunklover…if you want to try again

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