You don't have to be crazy to play with us, but it helps! - Shop After Dark

Hi Lady Robyn Hood! You would be perfect for Shop After Dark. Let me know if you have any questions.

hello @LadyRobynHood glad you replied…looks like you are perfect for Dark…
can contact me in line at skunklover
or jadebutterfly75…even our fearless leader and founder at mama…bear(2 dots) or even

That woul be diablogato2020 if anyone is interested! Make sure you bring a chocolate bar for Sillystar.

Yes the STAR loves a good chocolate bar…lol
Anything chocolate would do though…it keeps the stock pile full

Come join our scrappy band of misfits! BUMP!

Thank you for your consideration. I have a new home. May the boards be with you.

Good luck in your new home @LadyRobynHood

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Still room in the Shop family…you might think that you just get the crazy sarcastic family from the Shop After Dark but no you get all the crazy sarcastic Shop family…lucky you…join while the spots are open

Happy Turkey(Thanksgiving) Day!!!

I say forgo any diet plans as haven’t we suffered enough

I say eat, drink, and be as Merry as you can because let’s be honest 2020 sucks

oh!!! and if you are looking for a new family why not give us a try here at the Shops…We understand the need to get away from reality and have fun while still being competitive

the only thing that goes bump in the night is me looking for my candy stash…and when I say candy…I mean my chocolate…have plenty in my top of the line climate controlled safe but I forgot where the combination is at…go figure…lol

Things that go bump in the night over here mainly consist of my big toe and the coffee table. Usually followed by some creative language.

Sorry did I move the table in your walking path again…I swore that it was a perfect spot in the dark hallway right in front of the bathroom door…also this colorful language…is it mainly one color or talking rainbow…lol

Shop after Dark won the War…it was an intense battle…there may have been spitting or was it a bubble contest…but in the end The Dark Shop prevailed with outstanding teamwork and encouraging words …That’s what we do here in the Shops lift each other up against impossible odds.

Indeed, teamwork and communication are the key to success. If you are looking to join a family that works hard and plays hard, you have come to the right spot.

We also tease each other
have the occasional food fight
Have battle of wits
We are a Family after all

I only have one with to battle with. I’m at my wit end.

say what!!!..from I know there is a cute and adorable STAR whose is at everyone’s wit end…lol

War will be over soon, so now is a good time to go “Shopping” for a new family. Hit me up if you are searching for a family that works as hard as they play.

Another war and another victory!

If you are in search of a new home where teamwork and communication are the cornerstones of success, come and check us out.

Congrats on the War win…The Paradox shop lost :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:…they had a mighty defense though a troops on the juice

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