You don't have to be crazy to play with us, but it helps! - Shop After Dark

Twinkle twinkle happy STAR
who loves The Shops family near and far
A diamond who loves a chocolate bar
Loved and worshiped by them all
The STAR who stands up tall

The STAR was here

trying to find someone who can make this for me and going to go to Walmart to see what reactions I can get

Did a survey… nobody would notice the skunk costume… it would be considered normal…disappointed :persevere:

Join the crazy house!

crazy…don’t forget delusional… multiple personalities…phscho…and unstable…and these are our best qualities…lol

Good luck in War…bump…bump…bump

hoping this helps to get back on top

Tis the tale as old as time…not…this is no fairytale…this is the Shop after Dark and only the sarcastic and phscho come to play

This is what happens when a Family fights together

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Hello everyone this is the place to come if you like random chat, and completely inappropriate memes, which make you question your life choices also we play the game to a reasonably high level, come search for us and give us a go, it might just be a really good decision or a really bad one.

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It’s mid-week war…you know what that means…the party is just around the corner. getting into your comfy clothes or no clothes and having a drink.
Also the best time to join the Shop family
yes we are crazy…inappropriate with our memes…but at least we are having a great time doing it

what!!! you haven’t joined the Shop family yet…this is inconceivable

Crazy…sarcastic…inappropriate fun to be around
oh also a delusional Star whom everyone loves

If it’s good enough for nearly 90 people it’s good enough for you, come join our little family and pretend you are the normal one.

Join the Shop Family
who knows it might be the adventure you been looking for that you didn’t know you needed

so it’s raining and has been all day…new restrictions due to the Covid and thankful to my game Shop family from actually going insane. The encourage me when my hits in War or Titan are not the greatest and help give advice to improve my hits

Come and join this bunch of crazy ■■■ people, and occasionally play some E & P.

High Ho…High Ho…its off to Dark Shop you should go…with 10* Titans and Wars to win…High Ho High Ho High Ho

Hey Star! Not sure if this is the right alliance for me or one higher or lower in the family. I’m lvl 33, 3800 tp, currently running between 1900-2100 cups. Very active and chatty. Have line. Can you direct me?

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