You don't have to be crazy to play with us, but it helps! - Shop After Dark

We are Family…you know the one where a bunch of people show up to you Bbq for free food…yeah we are that family… crazy, sarcastic, but know how to party… just throw in a redhead and nobody dares to question you… that would be jadebutterfly75…nobody wants to upset a redhead…she took on the devil and won…the story is when you are in Shop after Dark you can still hear the Devil crying…don’t believe me…join and find out

So The Shop after Dark has a rare butterfly…breathes fire…seduces men…and has wit and charm… join now and a plate of bacon is yours…that’s right a plate of bacon just for you

Whatcha gonna do…whatcha gonna do …when the Cops come for you… join Shop After Dark…that’s what you’ll do…The Shop After Dark where the crazy, demented, and the Sarcastic come out to play…Join now if you Dare

Shop After Dark is open 24/7! Come check us out!

And the booze pours freely and nightly

Booze, bacon, great people…JADE…the gorgeous, the powerful, redheaded Leader
Time to get on the Shop After Dark train of paradise

War is almost over…a cool breeze will help cool the sweaty bodies and dry the blood of battle.Regardless of the outcome there will be a party of a job well done and the alcohol will run freely… mostly because somebody forgot to place a cork in because they got distracted by dancing around the fire (clothing optional) and the array of food on the tables

Come one come all spots are filling fast …

Jade got her new outfit on…join to see why

One must always dress for success… :kiss:

Just one of my many “work” outfits. :wink::kissing_heart:

Dang! I’ve been a bad kitty sleeping the day away. Came by for a bump and a lot of shameless recruiting.

If you are looking for well organized, but still fun to play with family, your search has ended here.

We work together and playtime is so much fun it needs to come with a warning label.

work… I thought that was your inspire the family outfit…lol

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