You don't have to be crazy to play with us, but it helps! - Shop After Dark

Just like all the other alliances, The Shop After Dark is looking for active daily players with all the standard “mUst hiT tiTAn , mUst uSe aLL wAr fLaGs iF oPtEd iN”.

What we really want are the cage rattling, window licking, bouncing off the walls characters that make this game worth playing.

1000 cups and 3000 to (both negotiable) to get in. And remember…

…Weird is a side effect of awesome.


Came back to bump up my own ad. If you are looking for something a bit different, and a lot off the wall characters, join us today!


I dare you to join us!! Triple dare!!

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If you love the grind of the game…wait noone really loves that part. If you love the great pulls…wait noone gets anything good doing that. If you love the awesome loot you always get…huh, this game gives awesome loot all the time!!! If you love…I give up.

If you enjoy the game a bit but want to have the monotony of filling chests broken up with some awesome adult themed conversations check us out.

If you want to grow your team and knowledge of the game with a bunch of great people willing to offer their advise give us a try.

If you try your best in every war and hit the titans (even if it feels like you can do more damage by hitting them with empty beer cans) and need to vent we can offer you an adult themed place to vent about that and those 6 flags of mono teams with none of the color tiles you need as well.

In summary - we are awesome and you need to join NOW!!!


wow…just wow…the love the love…glad you joined you twisted- perverted- fur loving friend a.k.a soul mate…lol


I just came here to bump, bump, bump it up!

In all seriousness, if it were not for The Shop Family, I would have quit this game quite a bit ago. I’ve made some great friends here and they keep me engaged and eager to improve every day.

It makes it nice when you have a crazy bunch of individuals that make you stay put and keep playing. We are not perfect at the Shops but crazy never is…lol

That’s what makes it great here. You don’t have to perfect, just try your best and have some fun!

Time to bump the ad since I’m a shameless self promoter. It ain’t gonna bump itself.

STAR is a maniac maniac with delusions…one that you never knew before…with a 105 personalities galore…maniac maniac galore…what does she hides and keeps her personalities in a basement…oh no!!!..makes you wonder what she keeps in her att–ttic…maniac maniac galore…yet the SHOPS adore her…maniac maniac…such a glorious maniac get on your knees and worship her…oh yeah

remember the time you fell in love…remember the time STAR first showed up … The Shops fell in love with the STAR…remember the time…The SHOPS were boring then came the STAR…She was so amazing…she brightened up the Shops…The STAR found her home…remember the time…The SHOPS fell to their knees to worship her…pledged to build statues in her glory…remember the time…

they have monsters under the bed…the things that bump in the night…and make ghostly noises…oh wait those are all me

Is it time for a fresh start? New POV and new opportunities to improve.

Join in the fun. Good people, good chat and good times…and there is this pesky game we ocassionally play as well.

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Just sitting here, eating tacos and waiting for that someone special to share them with. Bump.

if you have some of those chocolates tacos I pull up a seat to join you

You mean the ice cream treat, choco tacos? They are delicious!

yep those are the ones…scrumptious and delicious…I can eat 10

Just wandering around and bumping ads, like I don’t have anything better to do.

sure you do…like wandering over to my base and serving me like you are suppose to be doing

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