You do not own the Hero

In November 2019 the costume chamber was released. I was a fresh new player, and received my first 5* pull of Horghall’s costume.

Fast forward to today. I have 16 of the 20 season 1 5* heros, including duplicates of many, but I still don’t have Horghall.

Anyone else with a similar story?

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Sounds to me that was a bug. Usually you get the hero and the costume,no? As to pulling or training 5* heroes, one may say it’s due to RNG…

Hope your luck gets better.

If you can possibly believe it, that wasn’t always the case…


Well, never happened to me before. In fact, 3 of my 8 5* heroes came with costume. Weird

Here you go:

“You need to have the original Hero before a Costume can be used“


The first round of the costume chamber you only got the costume. If you didn’t have the hero, the costume was of no use. Many players pulled the costume of heroes they did not own, and expressed a certain dislike of this happening (to put it politely).

The second round they changed it to include the hero with the costume, and offset this by decreasing the odds for the 5* costumes as I recall. After all, nothing is ever easy in this game.


Of course, most ‘normal’ companies that give 2 sh*its about their customers would have rectified this situation since the rules/procedures were changed. And yes, costume chamber used to work like this. One would think they would make right by the customers earlier pulls but no, way too much to ask of SG. No surprise they didn’t. To be fair, I have no idea how they would go about doing this and after this much time, maybe it isnt possible.

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I’m gonna guess they would literally starve to death if they gave out the many, MANY trillions of heroes associated with those costumes. Not to mention it would likely make the game too easy, and thus instantly boring.

We should rest easy though, as they’re not likely to do anything about it, because it’s just players wanting something for nothing, which as we know is anathema to SGG, as preached incessantly by the forum elite.

All sarcasm aside, it’s pretty gross, and for the record, I’m not remotely affected by it.


I don’t really see it as something for nothing, as everyone who pulled one of these costumes (post-patch) received the original. Not their fault SG made a bad decision releasing the early costumes this way. But yeah, it doesn’t affect me either, just had something to say about it. Thx for the response, have a good day/night.

I would bet there are very few people left in this state after 18 months. Anyone who pulled a 3* or 4* costume without the hero and stuck with the game surely has the hero by now. Only a small set of people who pulled 5* costumes without the hero would still not have that hero.

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Surely you jest @fated

I’ve been playing for almost 2 and a half years. Still haven’t pulled Marjana, Khagan and other vanilla 5*. I’d be mad right now too if I summoned a costume without its respective hero.

Back to topic. Is this situation hard to fix? For SG it probably is. For the wrong reasons. They drop a new patch every few months. Plus they’re hella stingy with their heroes. What was their excuse again? They don’t want to give any player ‘unfair advantage’ by giving them the hero they should’ve gotten in the first place lol.

Any other game company would’ve given all affected players the costume + the hero + a few free pulls to keep the player base happy. In their weekly patches.

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Run HA10 for awhile. You will soon complete your collection of S1 5* :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face:

You’re joking, but some of my alliance mates did that. Even I did that as I got my last hold out… twice in fact.

Not sure if it’s a language barrier thing, but yeah, that’s exactly my point. Easy to rectify, and yet another example of literally not something for nothing.

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It does suck to hear that people still don’t have the heroes for these respective costumes. Definitely sucks that once you have one copy, you can’t do anything with it, not even “feed” it away (not that it would be ideal since once you do get that costume, it would suck to not be able to get it again).

Added that some people are still dealing with months of non-stop S1 3* and 4* heroes coming out of TC20 to the point where it feels fruitless to keep it going of even having 2 or 3 going simultaneously to get that one hero whom the costume fits.

I was in the same spot as OP, but found the matching hero in my TC20 a couple months later.

It was infuriating not having it and I can’t image how bad it feels to have a ‘special’ hero that you can’t use for so long. Even worse than waiting on 4* mats.

3 plus years of playing. 2-1/2 years of non-stop TC20, some months multiple camps. HA10 running now for a couple months. Still no Magni. So yes, it can easily happen.

SG decided at the time it was not fair to the other players to grant the hero to the ones who pulled the costume in the first round after the fact. Mainly because they lowered the odds. Agree or disagree, that is the position they took. It also set the tone for all their subsequent decisions. I am not agreeing with it, I am just stating the facts.

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What’s with the clickbait title that has no reference to your topic? Doing well for a “Fin whale”…

I feel you. I was in the same situation for 10 months. In the first costume chamber (November 2019) I pulled Elena’s costume and it wasn’t until September 2020 when I finally got her from TC20 (running 4 at a time hoping to get her - I already had every other S1 5* hero). It takes a whole new level of “luck” to have the costume of the only S1 hero you don’t have.

It’s a really bad situation to be in. I wish you to pull Horghall soon!


Nope, just me being an idiot. Reread ur post again with an appreciation for the sarcasm. We’re definitely on the same page with this.

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