You can win!

I had a chance to attack number 1 ranked player in the world JimMe.
I tried to use all the logic I could and assembled a team I thought might win. I got killed the first attack and so i tweaked my team and tried again. I got killed again. The first 2 attacks i did not take out a single member of his team. I tried a third time and just stacked offence and went all out atrack and got a half decent board. I got the win. This game involved so much strategy and a bit of luck, every move i made was thought out and planned from which cards to play to which gems to send off and when to use a special ability or hold off and wait.

Thanks JimMe it was a pleasure to battle you. And if you have any tips. Im all ears :slight_smile: he also revenged me first try with in a minute of me finaly beating him!

The first 2 picks are my losing team and the last was my winning team. Let me know your thoughts for strategy and learning purposes.


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