You can help me building my first defense team

Hi everyone !

Now that i can’t up my offense team anymore cuz of the lack of material it’s time to build my first defense team !

Reading some of the thread here i guess i have been lucky because with a little amount of time and money i’ve got some pretty decent build.

My offense team is :

Sartana / Grimm / Aegir / Wilbur / Caedmon

This is my guess for a good defense team :

Azlar / Li Xiu / Aegir ( or Richard ? ) / Kashhrek / Sartana

These are the only one i got worthy : Sartana / Aegir / Grimm / Caedmon / Wilbur / Ameonna / Gretel / Kashhrek / Azlar / Li Xiu / Rigard / Richard.

What do you think ?


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Wilbur Sartana Richard Azlar Grimm
Wilbur Aegir Sartana Richard Azlar

Thanks for the answer dude.

I can understand the attack switch but can you explain the defense strat please ?

No heal and only 3 colors ? i’m gonna be smash into pieces by blue and green team no ?

For aegir in def what’s the purpose ? his special only usefull in attack no ?

Thanks for your light !

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Sartana is a fast hitter so she will be using of Wilbur’s special and flanked by 2 strong shields also Richard can cover Azlar till he trigger his skill.
Even if Aegir is good in atrack … but I think he is good in paying the hits back and the specials of all the heroes following him will use of his buff.

Its the best to think about on which you have there, but I might be wrong so lets take better advices we both.
@Brobb @Razor @NPNKY

@mreuveutz You have great heroes! Very fortunate! Please see the following thread and use the app or review weekly data online - will point you in the right direction!!!

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I think it’s okay to have different opinions on this stuff - different defensive setups can succeed in different ways.

My personal preference on defence is always to start by choosing the best available tank then build a rainbow team around it, mostly omitting snipers and using AOE heroes instead. I always like to include a healer.

It’s worth me noting that I don’t know enough about Ameonna to make an informed comment about her, so I’ve basically pretended she’s not there.

So having said all this, I really like OP’s proposed defensive team of:

Azlar, Li Xiu, Aegir (not Richard), Kashrek, Sartana

The obvious weakness is Kashrek’s limited heal. Given the heroes available, the way to fix that would be to use Rigard as your healer instead, omitting Sartana and instead using Caedmon. In terms of arrangement, I’d propose:

Li Xiu, Rigard, Aegir, Azlar, Caedmon

That team would he tougher to kill, I think, because of Rigard’s considerably superior special, but you would be sacrificing significant firepower in using Caedmon instead of Sartana, and both are (sadly) snipers. Caedmon’s dispel might be useful, I suppose, but as ever with the AI, it would certainly be used at the wrong time.

I dont know which I would prefer, the defence team proposed in the OP, or that one.

I agree, your proposed setup is good: Azlar, Li Xiu, Aegir, Kashhrek, Sartana. Aegir will help out Kash and Li while Kash helps your tank and Sartana; that way they’ll both be protecting each other in different ways. & Li will control their mana while giving Azlar and Sartana time to charge. To me, that seems good.

Thank you all for your answers.

I will make some tests between offensive def ( with sartana) and full def and keep you informed ^^

What is AOE? Don’t understand why my post has to be 20 characters to ask a question?. I hope this works.

Welcome @rubi1026 to the forum!

AOE = Area of Effect

the 20 characters is to prevent idk what :stuck_out_tongue: just a feature of the forum software.

Check this thread out for any other acronyms/ words you’re not sure of the meaning:

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