You can disable purchases

Lol.just please don’t buy Pog and pov for a few a head of time disable purchases / then say your free to play :rofl::see_no_evil: to others. :rofl::revolving_hearts:


heyho, when i block the possibility to buy anthing, can i still watch Adds and get the daily reward from the homepage? or are these blocked as well?

i dont mind the “gifts” from the calenders, as they are not worth
it anyway

Adds will not be blocked and the random free summons is still available

You can watch ads you get the free portal summons, but you can’t see offers on the homepage at all, so you can’t claim any freebies… For example, when the Aether portal is here, you can’t claim the 10 free crystals. You can’t claim daily streak rewards either

I held off to purchase one last POV/POA and have now joined the “clean screen” club. It is glorious!

Happy “no spend” gaming! :cupcake:


Isn’t it though? And holy cow, it’s like I got a second job. :smiling_face:

Now I need my local grocery store to offer the same thing with regards to snacks…

Happy gaming!:sunny:


Do you do this through Support Chat? I want to do this as well.

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Yes just go to chat in the app and say you want to do this and they will do it

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