You call this "random"?

Is there a topic about pulling or lets say the specific timing of pulling? I‘ve heard rumors about that…

You never rolled a dice three times in a row to a 6 or any other number? :thinking:

I agree that RNG here does not have only those 6 choices of a dice, but streaks happen even then.

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Indeed; if streaks can’t happen, it’s just not random.

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There have been. None had any statistical proof though, only “gut feeling”.

Hmm ok… cause I am very superstitious :wink:

One player advocated pulls during certain times because he had “solved” the RNG. I can’t find the thread right now, as I recall it was between the 10th and 30th minute of the hour or something.

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You call this “random”?



I’ve done some computer programming, and I know that a basic pseudo-random number generator will always produce the same sequence when given the same seed.

That can be randomized more by using some other variable input to select the seed. One thing that can be used is reading a high precision timer or a clock that counts to more than single second precision.

Then when the PRNG is tapped for a value, the code first calls the subroutine that reads the input which selects the seed value. Then that seed value is dropped into the variable which inputs into the PRNG.

Cascade that a second time and the PRNG output from the second stage should be as good as chaotically random generation for most uses.

Getting the same output twice in a row should be extremely rare. Getting the same output three or more times in a row from a properly used PRNG should be ■■■■ near impossible.

The nature of a PRNG makes it easy to select whatever output you want simply by choosing a seed value then running off a large number of output values. Then for example you want the value 368239 you select a seed value that spits out 368239 on the nth cycle of the PRNG then hit the generator that many times and you can get the “random” value 368239 2, 3, or 3,000 times in a row.

All these match 3 games can be rigged. For example Bejeweled. Some versions have an endless mode where you never run out of moves. The program has to be manipulating a PRNG to ensure jewels are dropped in such a way that there will always be at least one move. The game can also shift things the other way, like when you have a line to put one in the middle of two pairs to make 5 in a row. I played a lot of Bejeweled and it became very apparent that when that arrangement occurred in a vertical, the game would reduce the drop rate of that color in the columns to either side. If the arrangement was horizontal it would reduce the drop rate for the matching color in the column in the center of the pattern. But in endless mode it’s much easier to complete lines of 5. It’s obvious manipulation of a randomization function.

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I do believe there is and the suggestions are little more than superstitions. Believe me, I tried a couple just to prove my gullibility.

I seem to get more lucky when pulling at different times

You can certainly improve your odds of a specific colour; couple hero of the month colour with the daily or two daily elemental summons of the same colour and you have improved chances of getting a hero of that colour in a summons. That’s the only definite ‘trick’ I’m aware of. Still hasn’t worked for me however. Dawa awaits at every turn.

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When I do ten pulls I get duplicates of the same hero and multiples of the same color too. I just figured it had to do with the stats for that particular hero/color appearance for that particular pull.

And I get multiple Kashreks while some people are begging for the lizard. My Caedmon I got from TC20 in the first 3 weeks (along with one decent 5* and two 5* less spectacular).

And I just get dupes of blues and reds. It sends me nuts. Purple 3* are actually rare for me. 4* when I see one I’ll believe they exist (I get reds and greens in 4* form)

THAT has been very extensively discussed here…“done some computer programming” makes one an expert in randomness? Cool :smiley: I “do some computer programming” every day, it’s my job :smiley:

Yes, me too. Doing computer programming doesn’t mean you understand RNG. It’s like saying “I’ve used Excel so I understand double ledger accounting”. BTW I have and I don’t.

Generally you get the same results from a wide range of values, not from the same value over and over. The range for a 3* is much larger than for a 5*, which is why you hear about consecutive pulls of 5* heroes MUCH less often.

Why do people always see intended manipulation of the programming for what occurs naturally with random numbers?


In terms of the troops with the ETT, the huge majority of the time I expect to not get 4 star troops. There was a bit of a streak I had where I got several 4 star troops with my main. Then now I am back to getting 3 stars. Same with the EHTs.

11 months almost and no purple/green 4* troops but 3 x Mana Troop for blue lol

Since game strated.

You must be the luckiest player in the world…!!! get a 3* hero from TC11 is something I had never seen before!!!

As for the troop summons, I did get Forest Ents like 6 times in a row, eventually you will get what you want/need.

I wonder if you would be here complaining if you get 3 Liannas in a row… :thinking:

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I am lucky to get a purple troop draw higher than a 2, a 4 not likely. Good thing holding your breath isn’t a requirement or I and many others would be SOL. I am still waiting for something higher than a 2* yellow troop and well let’s not talk about the Farid and Layla I’m still using. Lol. But hey I’ve got 3 Banes and 3 Greymanes, those will surely come in handy if we ever have a Raid tournament with just yellow and blue 3*s only, said no one ever… until next time or I acquire bad luck since I don’t seem to have any luck at all. Cheers and here’s to holding my breath for better.

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