You are battling the computer not players

I am aware of the idle and CI of the game…I have chopped up bigger fries and taken down stronger teams than them but this time…no sah!

If no one in your alliance knew this you should probably find a training alliance where the members can GREATLY help you

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There is also a TON of stuff on here that will help also just explore

Yes, it is player vs. AI, not player vs. player. More specifically, player vs. RNG.

As much as I despise raids (because RNG hates me), I actually appreciate the fact that I’m fighting against a computer rather than a live opponent. Because even though the AI will destroy me by giving me all the wrong colored tiles, at least it doesn’t teabag my dead heroes and make rude comments about my mother afterwards. :laughing:


The game play help and tactics is a GREAT place to start to learn the fundamentals. It under the general discussion tab

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The way I think of it is this: when I set my raid defense, I’m creating a puzzle for other players to solve, or a challenge for them to overcome. It creates a much more interesting game than if the only thing we had to do was farm the same map levels over and over again. When my defense loses, as it inevitably does, I just send mental kudos to the winner for solving the challenge I sent.

Losing also makes it that much easier to fill my Heroes Wanted chest when it come ready.

I appreciate that this perspective is an easy one to take when I’m staying in Diamond tier even on my worst days, and usually raiding up into the top 100 to fill my chest. Regardless, it takes far less toll on one’s ego to realize that you didn’t lose; the other player beat the computer.

Learning how to raid effectively is the core skill in this game. It improves not only your raiding but also Alliance War results. My favorite guides are linked here:


yeah because there is a start and no end to your puzzles

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I really appreciate your view. It is another way of looking at it…true. Dang…how do you cuss the computer?

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THAT IS EASY ^&@^&@#^%Y &^@%^(#& &@&@( @(Y&#()*#_#)(&. see there


Capture%20_2019-07-29-19-29-55-1 Capture%20_2019-07-29-19-29-24-1 Capture%20_2019-07-29-19-29-17-1 the one with Colen is me…

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3 slow vs 2 healers yuck i do not like that and a reposte

You do have 2 great heroes in Kunchin and Drake Fong

Try color stacking 3-2… 3-11 against tank…I use 5 same color EVERY time I attack

also all of the emblems on that team is tough

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I don’t know how deep your bench is, but it’s important to think about exactly what offense you will take, based on the defense. I very rarely attack with a rainbow team. I strongly prefer to use 3 heroes of one color (typically the one strong against the color of the opposing tank) and 2 heroes of another color (typically one strong against the color of a flanking hero or the most dangerous foe).

This strategy usually lets me blow a hole through the middle of the opposing defense early, using tiles. You can then drop tiles into the resulting hole; such “ghosted” tiles generate twice as much mana for your heroes, letting them charge their specials without giving mana to the other team (beyond their turn-based mana increase).

Also recognize that you sometimes don’t have the tools needed to crack a certain team. That Cyprian-tanked defense is much stronger than your shown team (emblems really matter), but is very reliant on buffs. If you have a debuffing hero (e.g. Melendor, Sabina, Sonya, Caedmon), you’d definitely want to bring one or two. If you don’t have a way of managing Cyprian’s riposte, then this strong team is probably beyond you and you should just reroll.


Ok then Rohn…help me set a good defence. In what order do I do it what do I look for? You said there are slow and fast and average…with whom do you put together to create a good tem and not necessarily the best defence team but good

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Do you have enough heroes to stack? Using more than one hero of the same colour greatly increases the damage done by those colour gems. In this case if you stack yellow you can hit e centre purple hero harder and possibly take him out before he starts the counterattack. Using a rainbow team for raid attack puts you at a disadvantage in higher tiers (although some here swear by it).

Using a rainbow attack team you are relying on your hero special attacks to win. That relies on building your mana before your opponent does.


Note defense and attack should not be the same team.


While I am learning still I do hope others will read this and gain from it…Kerridoc…appreciate it


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