You are battling the computer not players

After playing for awhile today I got this feeling that I am botched up or fixed…whichever you like to use. The computer is your watchdog when you are off the game not the players. And when those lanes do not roll right…its not the players not even in war. You change the heroes to shake it up to confuse it even…then all you try doing to get a give them raiders a good hiding…it rise on you and you are out all 3 chances. Does this makes sense at all?

Not even a little at all. :upside_down_face:


Rohn…how often do you get beat up by the computer? Because no matter how strong the raiders are…you do have a 50-80% chance of getting them back?

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Sorry @Marcia … I’m not sure what you’re saying either :confused:

Marcia are talking about loosing like in a raid??

Yes. But my gross is if you play skillfully you will realise that the system which is computerized is your opponent…not the players

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Yes EVERY single one is. This is NOT a player VS player game. Its You VS what ever defense they set up. The computer.


So today while I played to hit a strong raider…and I have defeated stronger than them…the rebuff of the play was extreme that I had to stop!

Anyone that attacks you weather Raid or war attacks the defense that you choose. The AI (artificial intelligence)(computer) fights for you when you are not on. So EVERY team you attack you are also fighting the AI.

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My teammates heard my comment and said they were angry too. It was so plain I know its the system but THIS was so apparent I practically gave up!

You are allowed 6 raids which is also called flags. The raid flags are The blue shield at top of you screen in the middle

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Always REMEMBER come into the forum and just ask you can find out whats wrong

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I am aware of the idle and CI of the game…I have chopped up bigger fries and taken down stronger teams than them but this time…no sah!

If no one in your alliance knew this you should probably find a training alliance where the members can GREATLY help you

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There is also a TON of stuff on here that will help also just explore

Yes, it is player vs. AI, not player vs. player. More specifically, player vs. RNG.

As much as I despise raids (because RNG hates me), I actually appreciate the fact that I’m fighting against a computer rather than a live opponent. Because even though the AI will destroy me by giving me all the wrong colored tiles, at least it doesn’t teabag my dead heroes and make rude comments about my mother afterwards. :laughing:


The game play help and tactics is a GREAT place to start to learn the fundamentals. It under the general discussion tab

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The way I think of it is this: when I set my raid defense, I’m creating a puzzle for other players to solve, or a challenge for them to overcome. It creates a much more interesting game than if the only thing we had to do was farm the same map levels over and over again. When my defense loses, as it inevitably does, I just send mental kudos to the winner for solving the challenge I sent.

Losing also makes it that much easier to fill my Heroes Wanted chest when it come ready.

I appreciate that this perspective is an easy one to take when I’m staying in Diamond tier even on my worst days, and usually raiding up into the top 100 to fill my chest. Regardless, it takes far less toll on one’s ego to realize that you didn’t lose; the other player beat the computer.

Learning how to raid effectively is the core skill in this game. It improves not only your raiding but also Alliance War results. My favorite guides are linked here:


yeah because there is a start and no end to your puzzles

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I really appreciate your view. It is another way of looking at it…true. Dang…how do you cuss the computer?

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