You ain’t getting my 75 gems

Bring on the yellow boards, I’ll take my four losses and my low tier loot and be on my way. You ain’t getting my 75 gems lol.


That’s OK, I don’t want your 75 gems anyway. :slight_smile:

I’m at 2 losses so far in the tourney, I just haven’t gotten the hang of the Very Fast tourneys yet - I thought I had solid lineups, but one of my losses was even with a semi-decent board. I had Gunner going, healed everyone with Belith, and then promptly lost. I think I need to just bring out the hitters and take a kill-or-be-killed attitude. :wink: Just seems like a waste to bring out Wabbit to bump from Fast to Very Fast when I have a couple of Slow-speed Jahangir to use. But apparently killing them quickly is more important than spreading out tons of DoT.

Good gaming!

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