Yoricks Memes by request of Coppersky


Dedicated to @Luckyclover666’s Danzaburo



Thank you for the new profile picture !!!


When you heard someone making fun of spellcasters:



Dedicated to @LadySuzanne and many other players



Cookies!! Always makes the wait worthwhile :wink: (Shares cookies all around…)



Inspired by this excellent question about the Trial of Survival:


No truer words of wisdom than that from the Bear.


Dedicated to two great E&P players: @zephyr1 and @Kerridoc
Not the mans we deserve but the mans that double threads needs :slight_smile:


Welcome our new moderators!

:laughing: lol thanks!

internal monologue: OMG, I’m a meme now :face_with_monocle:



@Rook Thought if you today when my cat decided he’d worked too hard :rofl: And since it’s update time, here ya go!


PS - I really just wanted to show off my handsome boy :wink:


To our newest moderator, @zephyr1: congratulations on finally hitting max level!


lol thanks @Garanwyn, though it should be noted my special skill does not guarantee that the joke will actually be funny.


I’ll post something in #bugs-issues right away! Hopefully Petri can tell us which patch this will get fixed in. :laughing:


Version 20 hero rebalancing, naturally.


Nooooo, it would wreck the precious forum balance. :joy:
Some memes exist because of flaws, after all.


Do you need a Link? zephyr1 is here!


I see you just maxed your skill in puns :rofl:


It’s a 5* Hero. This is likely to happen before it reaches max level.