Yo Momma’s Alliance War Guide


For the people who don’t know me, it’s Yo Momma from the well known alliance King of the North. You usually find us in top10. We can look back to the respectable win streak of 11 victories in a row, broken by Mixed Nuts. People ask for the secret of our success and start imitating our strategy so I would like introduce in our way of war (and yes, I know it’s not practically for all alliances outside.)

This guide is written for advanced alliances who wanna start to improve their options and actively working on their scoring. I guess our strategy is applicable for you as soon as you can think of resetting your opponent twice in war. Players usually have a pool of heroes to choose of at that time.

The structure of this guide follows the three steps of alliance war: Setting a defense, Prepare the strategy and Set up attack teams. You always have 24 hours preparation time (that probably will change soon). In this time you set up you defenses and plan the strategy (how many players are available at specific points of time). The next 24 hours are the times for fighting. I highly recommend some leading (1-3 persons who answer questions and announce the different stages).

If you like this guide, recommend it to your friends and if you don’t like it; well, let me now. At this point I also wanna thank all the people and alliances for their input – way to many for mentioning them all. Thank you all for hours of evaluating different nuances in our strategy (Prophet of Loss, Julia, Epigenetic, Resol and others), thank all our opponents for our lessons (especially “Sturm des Himmels”, our first opponent for our strategy and highly recommended for German language speakers), and last but not least thanks to all our members in King of the North who highly motivated follow the strategy with discipline – it wouldn’t work without you!

Read the full guide here:

Screw the Alliance wars!
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Was opt out of alliance wars a mistake?

Yomamma is a pure strategist and a disciplined hero of men and women. He’s like the Mauii of E&P


Thank you very much :hugs:


Feel free to reach out for us in King of the North if you have any questions about the strategy.
My Line ID is Julia-north


Amazing! Seriously. Vest breakdown ive read so far


Thank you for taking the time to post this! It’s very helpful for new alliances and new players.


Very good guide and proven effective as you guys won against us today :slight_smile:

Well done!