YO! MODERATORS! Forum issue

@zephyr1 @Rook @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @littleKAF et al.

Basically whichever one of you is online right now.


I am not able to “vote” for any forum suggestions. Like, not any at all. Is not an issue of “you have already used up your votes for the day”. I haven’t been able to vote for any suggestion at all in months. I get 403 error every time I try to.


Can’t vote for it. Get 403 error when I try to.

Is entirely possible that I, as a convicted forum felon, have permanently lost my right to vote. If that is the case, a very simple “your votes no longer count” answer will suffice, and you can close this thread.

Or maybe I have to have Regular status to be allowed to vote (I don’t remember this being the case before? but my memory is a bit foggy…) If so, same: “your votes don’t count because you’re not a Regular” answer is fine, and you can close this thread.

Otherwise… methinks something might be broken (on my end or yours). If it can be fixed - please fix, then close this thread.

Thank you for your time. :grin:

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You have limited votes.
To be able to vote, remove a vote on another thread first.


Perhaps because you say things like “me thinks,” the forum thinks you are from the Elizabethan Era, and therefore too old to vote. Just a theory.


If you run out of votes, it says “You’ve run out of votes”

A 403 error is a ‘forbidden’ error, meaning the webserver doesn’t have proper permissions on the content it’s serving. It is a real error.

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I know they’re limited… but I haven’t voted on anything in months. You mean it’s a lifetime limit? I have to go back and remove a vote from a thread posted 6 months ago?

'Tis quite possible, good chap. :face_with_monocle: I knew there were minimal voting ages, wasn’t aware of maximum voting ages.

Yes, I am getting 403 error. Which means that the webserver doesn’t have permission to allow me to vote. Curious.

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Yes, it’s a limit until you remove the vote or a thread you voted on is closed.

The 403 error may be a bug if your Trust Level has dropped since you last voted.

Each TL has a voting quota, so you may have fewer votes now than before.


Literally a lifetime limit? How many votes do we each get?

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I get server errors when I merge stuff sometimes


I just have to go away and come back later. It’s certainly a nuisance.


Well, lifetime unless a thread is closed, yes.

I don’t remember the numbers, I’ll see if I can find the post where they were listed.


My trust level has definitely dropped. A lot. Went from being “yeah you’re cool” to “oh lawd no please go away”. Now I’m not allowed to vote on anything.

Hmm… okay. Guess I’ll have to rummage through my 1000s of posts and remove some votes I gave to ideas that never happened, so that I can give them to other new ideas that will never happen.



Ok, I can’t find the vote limits at the moment, but can confirm that when @Rook was out of votes, she also mentioned getting a 403 Error.


I have voted for 20 ideas and got a notification today that I have 10 votes left so I guess that the limit is 30 votes (at least for regulars).


Good enough for me.

You can close this thread after everyone else has replied with their two cents. Thanks!

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Sounds about right for Regulars. I think TL0/1/2 are all lower than that.


2 cents…

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Yeah I see now. I’ve cast exactly 20 votes. All those threads are still open I believe. So in order to vote for others, I have to unvote for the previous ones. Got it.

Looked like a couple others were typing replies, but they must have backed out before posting.

You guys can go ahead and close this thread. Thanks for the help! :+1:


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