Yet another team help request

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for some advice regarding which 5 star hero to ascend to the final tier. I had easy choices for my red and purple hero’s going with Guardian Panther and Gravemaker, but I keep going back and forth between Justice and Leonidas as to who to spend the darts on.

I could go with Gravemaker as a tank with Leonidas supporting, or Justice as a tank with Gravemaker supporting.

As supporting heros I have fully ascended Boldtusk, Grimm, Merlin, Gretel, Peter’s, Kiril, Tibertus, Kasshrek and Chao. I also have Isarnia(2,60), Elkanen(3,70), and Captain Kestrel(2,60) in my stable, but they all need significant mats or arent worth the mats before they become usable.

I can see pros and cons of going with either Leo or Justice and dont really have a better option as a tank or sniper in my stable, I suppose I could wait until after my next pull to see if that makes the decision any easier, but I’m hoping someone here can help me make a decision.

Thanks for the help,

There are two directions of tanks:

  • “I will live long enough to let my allies kill you”, a class where Guinevere is Queen but Justice is a solid entry (as good as it gets from the standard hero set).
  • “I will inflict great pain before I die”, a class where Gravemaker is King.

With Gravemaker you already have one of the top tanks in the game, and Justice doesn’t really have any other role except tank. So I’d go with Leonides, who will help you more with titans and general offense.

Nicely curated set of 4*, by the way. I’d be looking for Gormek, Jackal, and Falcon to fill out that group.

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Thanks, I appreciate the advice.

I have Wilbur sitting at 3,60 waiting for a hidden blade as my next 4 star hero, I have him ahead of Gormek. I also have Boril, Melandor, Scarlett, and Sonya at 3,60 helping out in wars.

Jackal and Falcon have eluded me so far, but I hope I can add them someday.