Yet another player looking for a new alliance

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I won’t belabor the point. But I’m currently consistently among the top titan and war attackers in my current alliance. I’m also the #2 ranked player in the alliance; I’d like to be in an alliance where I would be in the middle third (or even the bottom third) of the rankings. Prefer English (Spanish also OK if you don’t mind me practicing on you), US Central time zone or near there.

*** It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere ***
Don’t let our name fool you - We are an active alliance with minimal rules
Limited space available for a friendly face looking to be part of a team-family. Where chatting is welcome We Attack Titans - Battle in Wars - Encourage and Support.
Requirements: 800 cups and the desire to grow.
Join Us !!! :muscle:

You’re definitely welcome to join warriors of war. We’re on 7 and 8 star titans and we’re like family. We’d love to have you! No line or discord required

The walker come and take a look

Thanks everybody for the leads! I am now officially off the market.

That’s awesome. Wishing well and happy gaming

Please check out Nocturnal Winds I think you will fit right in with us . Very friendly. We chat a lot. Fighting 7,8,9 and tried our first 10* Titan.

I would recommend Palace X. You cup score would put you about 20th of 29 in our alliance.
We fight 8-9 star titans and enjoy taking part in war. Our Alliance score is 110,000 so you should be able to score decently in war.
We all use line app
@lordsirlordy if you want to chat.
We have one open spot by the way

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