Yet another Peters Question

At my stage in the game, is Peters worth it?

I have Margaret maxed and working on Mama North, 2 Kashhrek, Gobbler, Hansel & Caedmon maxed with Melendor in the works. Yet to work on I have Telluria, 2nd Mama North, Morgan le Fay, Kadilen, Brynhild, Gadeirus and Peters. For that matter is Gadeirus worth it?

Mama North needs food!!

I’ve used him in raid tournaments alongside Hansel… he’s been useful. I wouldn’t get rid of him. :woman_shrugging:

And Gad, I used on titans… perhaps good for very fast tournaments?

It sounds like you are ahead of me in the game, so I don’t usually offer advice on threads of this nature since everyone else here knows more than I do. However, the two heroes you are asking about are actually the only two 4* nature heroes that I have maxed.

I would say that Peters is definitely worth the effort. He packs a decent punch and his silence has saved me more times than I can count. I even intend to level up the second Peters I pulled in the most recent Pirates event for wars.

He is on pretty much every time I run these days (unless it is a quest or tournament he is not eligible for).

Can’t say the same for Gadeirus. I take him out for a run in wars because I have a limited roster, but he isn’t my first choice. He gets taken out on titans when I am stacking natures, but I have a feeling that he may be passed over for other options later on.

For me the highlights in your list of potential trains are Telluria (obviously), Hansel, Brynhild, Caedmon, Melendor and Peters. Probably in that order

Honestly you don’t need one Kashrek let alone two. Gadeirus is OK but slow

All of your fives are fine, with the possible exception of the only one you’ve given tonics to. Order there is probably Telly, Momma, MLF, Kadilen

So yes, Peters is worth it but not highest priority


Margie was my first HOM and 2nd 5*. I do love her tile damage and she does work out for me sometimes. Tellie will be my next green to work on.

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You have a great selection. Tell obviously, but Morgan is underrated especially in the field aid tourneys. And I love MN.
Your decision is largely on mats . I use Gad in 4* tourneys… of those you have the one I am least impressed with is Kad… but there is no Lianna… so keep hoping for her
And I also just pulled Brynhild… she looks a great 4

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Kad’s Costume though… might make her more appealing. :thinking:

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