Yet another "I need an alliance" thread

The tl;dr

About me:

  • 19 maxed 5* (22 if counting costumes)
  • lv 19 troops (working towards 23, give me a month or two)
  • 6 war teams from 4100 to 4400 tp
  • 4600+ war defense
  • 100k minimum on 10-11* titans
  • 100% war flag usage

About you:

  • Established alliance with 20+ members highly preferred
  • 11* titan cap
  • Coordinated (but not draconian) war strategy, preferably >50% win rate
  • Active and responsible leadership who actually do what they preach and enforce all rules
  • Friendly, drama free, 18+ ok but please no 60 FPS nonsense (the F does not stand for frames… :laughing:)
  • Line optional

The wall of text

I think most of what I listed is pretty self-explanatory but a few points are worth expanding upon. I put 11* titan cap because it’s right at the point of diminishing returns for loot, and it’s as far as I’m willing to go in terms of item usage. In all honesty I would prefer a 10* cap with the occasion 11* so as to limit item usage to more sustainable levels.

Most of the alliances I’ve visited at my level obviously have some sort of war strategy in place, but what I’ve noticed is there still tends to be a fairly large discrepancy between those who know what they’re doing and those that don’t. Tank coordination is easy, setting up the best defense possible around said tank not so much, and actually knowing who to hit and when even less so. So I guess what I’m looking for here is “good war experience” so to speak, as in at least 90% of the participants know exactly what they’re doing, and won’t kamikaze their war flag or overreach and score single digits because they were trying to be a hero. Or conversely have a lv 75 player go after the weakest teams because they just wanted some easy kills and/or wanted to see their name on top of the scoreboard. (true story sadly)

Since war is a team activity, it is very important to me that 100% flag usage is enforced and maintained. Yes real life happens from time to time, but unexplained absences followed by radio silence screams “freeloader” to me and just makes me rage. And this is where the “active and responsible leadership” part comes in - it’s one thing to lay out a set of rules, and another to actually enforce them. If rules are not enforced, why even have them in the first place? A leadership that tolerates freeloaders/deadbeats is fundamentally incompatible with what I’m looking for.

I have line, but am at work most of the time so I’m only on for a few hours a day at most. I can be moderately chatty, but it really depends on how busy I am and whether I’m in the mood. I feel like I’m active and responsible enough when it comes to team activities as it is, so would much appreciate being allowed to play at my own leisure without feeling like I have to be doing something at certain fixed times.


I fully appreciate what I’m looking for is quite contradictory - on the one hand some of my requirements scream for an intensely competitive top 1k alliance, but on the other it also seems there’s a certain amount of “casualness” to what I’ve described. I think the best way to sum up my approach to E&P is: intense and focused when it comes to titans and war, but otherwise I do my own thing at my own pace.

Yeah so I’m not sure if such an alliance still exists in 2021. But hey never hurts to ask right?


Crew-Barons is currently killing 11*, but we will likely be pushing on (we were up to 13* briefly when full). If the alliance is full, the item cost there isn’t so high (and we pass rather than exhaust ourselves if a titan is obviously too big). Our war strategy is a loose wave strategy — try to hit the targets of the waves, but if real life forces you to take some hits out of turn, no one is going to crucify you. People who leave flags in war are put on warning, if it happens again within a month (barring a REALLY good reason) they are kicked from the alliance.

We use Line, but realistically most of our chat is in-game.

We define ourselves as “semi-competitive” - we want to grow together as a team, but understand that E&P is nobody’s first job. We allow all levels of spending, from 0 to whale (though I don’t think we have any whales at the moment).

If you’re interested, my Line ID is mpolo67

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Hello, please check our forum thread ♤Witchers and Witches♤ I think we are everything you need :wink: if you have any questions please ask, we can talk about details and your needs in line app: venomousmind
:slight_smile: best regards!

My alliance has the same logic. Currently beating a blue 11* and will revert back to 10* where we are most comfortable. Check us out.

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I would really like for you to come and give the Locker a try. Our core group has been together for almost 3 years. We are currently killing 10/11* titans, occasionally we go to 12 but don’t stay there very long. We do have a war strategy based on what most use but we do not dictate when people attack or whom to attack. Our weaker teams know their clean up duties and our stronger teams go after the big guys for the kill or make holes for the lower teams. We are currently experimenting with rotating tanks based on the war buff and our win ratio is around 66%. If you want to give us a shot, just search Locker and you will find us. If you have more questions my Line ID is wolfwarrior66.

Hope to see you in the Locker soon.

Come over and have a look at Rising Dawn, who I believe fit your requirements perfectly imo.

We’ve lost a few members recently so we’re now down to 10* titans with the occasional 11* thrown in

Hello Rho
Read your post and we’d love to have you as a member. Let me begin by telling you a little about us. We are a 50/50 US/EU alliance which works out well for wars. Currently at 19 members slaying 9 and 10 star Titans.

Per our description all members hit titans daily and we have coordinated wars where of course members use all war flags. Wars are coordinated but not militant. Although I can’t remember the last time we did not use all flags we do understand that real life happens and ask members to opt out of the next war if they miss a war flag. 2 wars with an unused flag is grounds for dismissal. Our war strategy is simple. During weekend wars leaders set farming targets and they are farmed twice before we begin flipping/FFA/mass attack which usually begins at the 12-14 hr mark on the war clock. During weekday wars we farm once then begin flipping/FFA/mass attack. This simple strategy has garnered us a 75% success rate as our members understand how to use their flags wisely.

We are a chatty group with more activity on the weekends and during wars. Some of us have been playing together for over a year and we use line to communicate as well as alliance chat. Line is not mandatory but very useful as it has the wise goat and albums with lots of helpful information that is updated regularly. With the advent of friendly raids, watching videos of raids against your team mates and talking smack has been a blast. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our goal is to find either individuals or a group of like minded players that mesh well with the group and like to have fun.


And for informational purposes, we also have a training alliance that was created to allow some of our low level, less active players to participate in low level wars and help them fill their POV war challenge quest. This alliance currently has 22 members and is slaying 6* Titans. Members can move up to Loot Hunters when they feel they are ready. Or if members need to take a little break, going on vacation or just wanna do something a little different, they can move down to Loot Hunters Boot Camp. If you would like to discuss further you can reply here, o contact me on Line ID :romanleviticus :grin:


Hi, your wish list pretty much describes us perfectly. I’m not going to bore you with a wall of text, but if you want to join a fun friendly, experienced, successful alliance that meets your wishes then come and say hi at Rising Dawn. I’m sure you would enjoy it.

Hi rho.
Our alliance, Silent Implosion, is a top 1000 alliance when full (top 500 in last mythic titan).
We hit 11* - 12* titans.
War optional, flags not. We rotate tanks when we lose and bring out our stronger ones in rush.
We attack the weakest, wait them respawn and choose a good time to attack in waves. Nothing too strict.
Environment is really friendly and humorous.
Rules are rules, though.
If you are interested, contact in line ID: straighterzombie8. We have a spot right now.

@rho If you are still looking for a place to call home and want to walk on the wild side may I suggest one of the shops they are one of the longest-running franchises in the game @Sillystar or @JadeButterfly or @Diablo.Gato would be more than happy to assist you the Shops are comprised of four different houses. So if you have thick skin and enjoy sarcastic banter and enjoy playing the game the shops have a place for you :kiss:

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It’s true! The Shop Family is a great fit for you. You obviously know what you want and you definitely sound like you know what you are doing.

With 4 Shops in the franchise, there is always a good fit for your team and there is always room to grow.

Currently, Shop After Dark is dropping Titans for the next POV. We have 100% flag usage and we do use Line for communication and for fun.

Come and check us out, give it a war or two and see if you feel it.

You’ve had some terrific offers already. If you’re still undecided, feel free to get in contact with us at TBD Part Deux. This is us…

We value team work, common sense and communication. Thankfully, we have that in bucket loads. GL in your decision making.


Hi Rho,
Valar Morghulis
I am one of the CO’s for the Pirate Horde…well known alliance plundering our way through the game. Both Guvenor and Zephyr have been with us at times. We are currently hitting 11/12 and 13 rares. We also try to call off titans quickly so that people can save battle items . Also never missed pov titan box, days to spare.

Our war strategy is a free for all for now which people seem to like. We have a few dedicated war clean up people a big undervalued skill imo. We have won 3 in a row and won 70% in Feb. Currently to keep the excitement going each leader is running 2 wars back to back and tank colours seem to be green purple and even yellow. I went 2-0 of course during rush attack. I am pretty much a bad ■■■ like A.Stark. We have had very few war attacks not used, if it any it’s been an emergency of some sort.

As an alliance we are mostly N.A but have members in Europe as well. It’s a fun group we do have line rooms for gameplay and war chat but not necessarily. Some chatter but not overwhelming. We are also not an alliance family so no jumping around.

Love to have you join us or chat further! Remember the lone wolf dies but the pack survives…hope you are a got fan! It’s a fun group.

The Arya Stark- Line Aryastarkraps

Hello @rho .
I’m the leader of To Death and Glory.
I understand your contradictions very well.
You just want to play, and have fun. But not beign obsessed.
If you’re still looking, please come by.
We’re looking for veterans like us to grow our Alliance.
Good luck.

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