Yet another hero dilemma

Hello folks!
As a very grateful beneficiary of your previous advices I would like to take advantage of your experience once again!

While I am waiting for darts and rings (need only one of each) I’d like to know your opinion on whom should I give these mats to. See below my current roster (btw. any ideas why I keep writing roaster instead of roster?:smiley:):

Yesterday three very helpful fellows told me to choose Mitsuko over Tyr - thank you for that, I will certainly follow your advice. But what about my holy heroes? Leonidas would be very useful during Pirates of Corellia for sure and in wars but on the other hand I don’t have a 5* healer other than Vivica. What are your thoughts?
Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Feel free to share your opinion on my other choices. Currently I’m leveling Merlin (purple), Peters (green) and Sonya (blue) and I have 1 spare gloves. I was thinking of Quintus or Sabina, Richard and Gaderius or Peters (but my senses tell me to go for Melendor).

Viv for sure.
Leo is only okay.
Viv will protect your 4*.


Yellow: Vivica
Red: either Mitsuko or Tyr, both are great,… IMO for universal use I think Mitsuko is beast, specially against blue hitters.

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Yelow vivica, she is long term investment

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I have mitsuko max. So much fun to see a blue dying by own special :)) bonus: it is a good tank.

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