Yet another duplicate heroes thread

I know there are a bunch, but I can’t find the ones listing the best ones to keep for challenges and such.

Do I keep:
2 Gil-Ra or just 1?
2 Triton (1 at +17)
2 Gaderius (3/60)
2 Little John (4/70, 2/46)
2 Sumitomo (3/60, 3/15)
3 Boldtusk (4/51 — will keep at least 2)

I have a decent roster of 4s now, and 2 maxed 5s (Mitsumo and Tarlak). I have a huge list of heroes and costumes to work on in addition to some of the duplicates above. I am lacking in roster space a bit right now… and gems to fix that because I tried for Ariel (and came up with a bunch of 4* duplicates instead — 3 freaking Gobblers have already become food).

I know it’s “depends on your roster” but the listed are the ones I’m unsure of and seeking suggestions on.

I have 3 maxed BT and may start my fourth after costuming at least two of those. So I’d say at least keep those. You are probably good with one of each of the rest if the rest of your roster is doing alright.


But I may have a bit of a hording mentality


One is probably enough for pretty much all cases, though I like to hold onto an extra of non-Season 1 Heroes, because they’re harder to come by, even for 3*.

I have one at +18, and a second maxed, who used to get decently frequent usage, typically along with a duplicate of Proteus and Gadeirus.

Further upgrades to my roster have made him see battle pretty infrequently.

My +18 one gets used plenty, but my duplicate maxed one not as much now (see Triton above).

I have one at +18, who’s had a ton of usage.

I’ve never felt a need for a second.

I have one maxed, who hardly ever sees usage, although that might change.

I can’t really see using a second often, unless I made a point of it to change up Raiding for fun.

I have 3 maxed, one of which is at +18.

The first one sees a ton of usage. The second sees a decent amount of usage.

The third sees rare usage, but I’m glad to have him.

I came close to maxing a fourth, but have held off.

Hero Academy Disclaimer

A reminder that we have no idea what Hero Academy will do, or how, but it could perhaps possibly entail some use for unwanted heroes.

So eat extras according to your tolerance for risk for regret later vs. them being in the way now — that equation balances out differently for each person.

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In my honest opinion, and I have all these heroes, I would only keep one of each. That should be sufficient. However, my advice would be to keep multiple Boldtusk - I have BT x6 the rest I used as feeders.
Good luck

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