Yet another defence team discussion


My current defence team:

Other possibilities:

I’m curious what you guys come up with! :smiley:
Thanks in advance.


You put your most levelled hero in place, so there’s nothing to say about that.
Maybe i shift LJ with Chao, but i don’t really know if thats make some huge difference.

You can replace Sabina with Sartana once she has reach lv70.

Even if Sabina suppose to be stronger, Sartana is more suited for defence.


Okay. I was going to put Sartana in when she hits 70. For the middle place she has to be 80, right?
Thanks for your comment!


Kiril is an excellent tank, so i change him with Sartana only if she is maxed.


And imagine every other 4* hero is maxed out. What would you change?


Probably Colen for Scarlett and Li xiu for Chao.

Kinda slow team, but with Kiril and Li xiu that take time for LJ and Colen to shoot their special, it’s not bad at all.


I thought about the same thing. But would an “AoE” team not easily be countered by 2 healers + any heroes?


If i have to say a team that put an AoE team in danger, i would say more a fast hit team.
2 Healers extend the battle, and with this kind of foe having a battle of attrition is not a good idea, expecially because defense team have a boost.

That said, sadly even the best team available have a countermisure and/or can be annihilated by a really good board.
Useless to think too much on it, if you face a good player with a good board, you lose anyway :rofl:

Place what you think is the best team most of the times.


Keep in mind that some heroes are great if YOU play them, but the AI isn’t necessarily as good. In particular it always fires specials when they are ready, and targeting isn’t always sensible. AoE heroes don’t suffer from AI stupidity as severely, so I think they work well on defense.

Colen and LX are solid defenders. Rigard is the only <5* hero that can clear Colen’s flames, which can burn down a team pretty quickly. LX and LJ together will make getting specials off very difficult.


In your current setup, yes swap LJ for Chao. Slow in corner is a bad idea when you get higher up in cups and people have much better attacking teams. Albi is about the only exception for the most part since he’s awesome.

Also, having multiple healers the higher up in cups you go, the worse you’re going to do. When people have good attacking teams, having multiple healers means fewer defenders hitting the attacker and they can save their specials to group one-shot your attackers, leaving cleanup for healers later.

When some of your other guys get leveled, moveout LJ and Sabina. Something like Scarlet kiril li xiu sartana caedmon off the top of my head. or sartana kiril li xiu colen caedmon.


Thanks guys. :sunny:
That’s the stuff I wanted to hear. Some great “high level” stuff.