Yes, wars are unfiar! Help to analyse wars, to make a solution here

@Olmor, I believe you may have hit the nail on the head!!
Having a smaller, teaching, alliance we have several high end players, and brand new players. I should also include those in the middle.
My new players are quick learners and fearlessly go after that Guin tank, and normally somehow take her out with 2-3* heroes!?!?
But to get to the point, the minute we win a war the very next AW we know we are going to be matched up with a Russian team that have been together for over a year and have extremely deep rosters and loads of 5* beasts :wink:
It most likely is the matchmaking is trying to match small 10-15 member teams with SOMEONE? So it does the best it can, and my team gets lots of experience while we are destroyed. I’m just glad it doesn’t get them down, they understand it’s a bad matchup from the start.



I really need to break this up into individual Ideas & Feature Requests posts.

Costumes are going to make this worse since Classic 4* / 5* healers are getting costumes ( working on a post about that ).

75% One Team Kills

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Sunk Cost Fallacy ( 2 teammate retirement alliance) fought “<<” alliance and things went lopsided.

Sunk Cost Fallacy ( SCF ) had
12 war energy

75% or 9 One Team Kills ( OTK ) of which 6-7 guaranteed and other 2-3 due to combos.

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16.66% or 1 Two Team kills ( needed 2 war energy).

8.33% or 1 Partial Team kill ( last war energy for SCF ).

Attack log


Coordinating all 5 team slot colors,
Color stacking neutral colors,
Running 1x 4*+18 healer and 1x 4* 3.60 healer each attack team.


Watching each teammates attack,
Matching targeted enemy team to each allies remaining roster.


This should not have been this lopsided.

While 1:1 matchmaking is difficult to improve, and 1:X matchmaking is contrary to the current war design, buffers could be added.

Buffer advantage

Every time mechanisms like costumes are added, just like Elo rating deflation and temporary increase in maximum trophies, war matchmaking will produce more lopsided wars than before the new mechanism was added to Empires.

Buffers have many advantages over tweaking matchmaking.

The biggest advantage is admitting matchmaking will never be good due to the 1:1 design, and looking at ways to work around that limitation.


This is an incredibly valid point that I had not considered @Gryphonknight. Plus the costumes are quite easy and fast to level up…provided you have the hero.