Yes, my 4-year-old plays Empires :)


It’s a little advanced for him, but he loves to kill the bad guys and get new characters. Don’t worry, he can’t read yet or understand Global :slight_smile: He also has autism, so he’s pretty smart. Plus, daddy plays it :wink:



I let my son play levels that I normally auto farm. He also gets a kick out of playing what I play. He likes to help. If the autobattle option is ever removed I’ll still be good! :smile: (and my son can’t read yet either…)


Aren’t you afraid he’ll go on a buying spree?


@Coppersky That’s so awesome. How old is he? And @Hannibal the Google account he uses has no Bank Account or Credit Card linked to it, because yes, he would buy something. One day, I was on my account when he used to use my computer, and when I opened my shopping cart, there was a Cat in the Hat hat in the shopping cart, waiting to be purchased! Lol.

He is much smarter than I had realized :slight_smile:


Hehehe. They’re like clever little magpies aren’t they. I don’t have kids myself but I do rehabilatory work in a grocery store right now and I get to watch first hand all the ways they try to manipulate their parents in the sweets sections. Cold hearted bastards is what they are! :wink:


My 5 year old plays too. She loves fighting the “bad guys” and attacking titans with us. She is funny to watch. <3


I love playing this game it do fun and good to kill time :blush::grinning::yum::grin::rofl:


That’s so great, I love it! What a great way for the two of you to bond, and it’s great for his cognitive development.