Yellow troop bug

I got yelow troop from mision it whas monk. We i go to selekt it it was not hear. Its hapen second time. First ti i got yellow hero and yelo2 troop that time i ges it was random selekted i got hero. But now it was singel. And i dont get it. Ihave oter colors troops bu noone is yellow.

Was it this one?

Do you have a Barracks? It is possible to feed new troops to old troops if you aren’t careful…

Are you sure you actually got the troop. If you did the summon, which rotates the heroes and troops, the troops shown are just examples of what you can get. You don’t get the one that is showing when you click summon button, you get a random one from those rotating.

It will show the actual hero or troop you got after that in a new screen.

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