Yellow titan with poison SS

My alt account came across this weird titan after a 3-star titan escaped. Yellow titans are supposed to use blinding as a negative status effect right?

According to this guide, only this low level yellow titan deals poison damage: Titan Rosters


That’s a fan guide not a SG game manual. Yellow titans should not be using poison.

You’re going to be waiting a long time if you’re expecting an SG game manual.

How did you come to that conclusion, other than experience? The guide that @Pois1 is an excellent resource based on the input and experience of many players fighting thousands of titans. You won’t find anything better on the internet, official or otherwise.


Seriously?! Every higher level yellow titan using blinding as their debuff, but this one doesn’t. That should scream “bug” to every player.

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Been that way a long time marv

No one is on 3* titans long enough to be concerned about it honestly

I can say it’s been that way at least a year and a half that i know of since that’s when i was starting new alts and alliances

But yes You’re probly correct that it’s a bug. Just not a bug anyone has taken the time out to bring up


I understand that it’s not the “norm”, but I don’t think anyone can tell SG what their Titans can or can’t do. Lol


By that logic, are these bugs, as well?

A red boss with Oberon’s skill? A red elemental version of Bane?


Learn the themes of the game. The elements as represented by the titans have meaning.

Yellow’s status effect is blindness,
Green is attack debuff.
Blue is defense debuff.
Purple is poison DoT.
Red is fire DoT.
These are not the only themes of each color but they are the main themes.

Now if you find something that not only doesn’t fit that theme, but looks suspiciously like a typo in a line of code, do you keep it to yourself and think “Oh this must be how it is meant to work. Maybe this is a new paradigm and a bold change in the meta!”

Or, do you file a bug report and say there’s a typo in the code that assigns special skills to 2-star yellow titans?

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Depends how long i plan on facing 2* titans i guess

A 2* titan giving poison and being labeled as giving poison doesn’t sound like a bug or typo in line of code. A typo in line of code would be the 2* saying it would blind, and then instead doing DoT.

There are lots of cases where, with monsters, they “theme of the game” isn’t the same as with heroes.

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This left me in stitches, thanks for that, needed a good laugh to end this day!

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