Yellow tanks NOT named Guinevere.. ranking them

How would you rank the following “B group” as tanks?

1 - Justice
2 - Delilah
3 - Vivica
4 - Drake
5 - Rana
6 - Leonidas

I have a feeling this will vary wildly…


Viv, Delilah, Rana, Leo, Justice and Drake

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Rana, del, drake, justice, viv, leo


1 - Delilah (one of the best time stall heroes and minion master)
2 - Drake (Bruce Lee high speed nunchuks that will blind you)
3 - Rana (gives 3 of you a good smack with no way to call for medic)
4 - Justice (he may be slow but he will blind you with his brightness)
5 - Vivica (the slow angel of healing that would frustrate you all when she activates)
6 - Leonidas (get a bad board and he will cut you in half) :rofl:

  1. Delilah
  2. Rana
  3. Justice
  4. Vivica
  5. Drake Fong
  6. Leonidas
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Rana, Drake, Delilah, Justice, Leonidas, Vivca.

Rana - a rare hero and a very good yellow threat
Drake - underestimated as tank - a fine hitter
Delilah - good medium healer
Justice - main problem - mega bad attack so forget her
Leonidas - not so bad but simply mehhh as tank
Vivica - Too slow and too weak for tank position, but a good healer


Just from my experience when going against yellow tanks.

  1. Delilah - Like Guin, she is going to go off and even if you kill her you are going to have minion cleanup.

  2. Drake - I don’t know why people are not listing him higher except you don’t see him a lot as tank. I would almost tie him with Delilah and its almost like fighting a GM tank

  3. Justice - I wont even list any more and I think Justice just barely makes the list. Her stats and abilities look imposing, but in action she fails.

I didn’t list Rana because I may have faced her as a tank less than a handful of times.


7dd and Anchor list Justice as the best yellow tank after Guin. That doesn’t seem to be most people’s experience.

They gave Justice an A.

Delilah, Drake, Vivica, Rana, and Leo all tied for 2nd with a B.

Rana (if she fires it is game over)

I think Delilah is a beast but she doesn’t scare me as much as Rana. Justice has super strong defense but slow mana kills her. Drake is great all around but not the best tank, i had to decide between him and Delilah and went with Delilah.
Next up will be Red Hood and i will be the Minion Master.

In 7 Days Fermented, our war guide has the following order of yellow tanks:

  1. Guinevere
  2. Delilah
  3. Justice
  4. Vivica
  5. Drake Fong
  6. Rana
  7. Leonidas
  8. Musashi
  9. Joon

Seems different that what the other 7 days alliances would do. They have Justice as a better tank than Delilah.

Rana on 6 is Just a Joke…
Such a great hero.
I attack every Guin, but with Rana i start thinking


Let’ see, aside Guin i would make this chart solely on my own experience:

  • Delilah/Justice
  • Rana
  • Fong
  • Vivica
  • Musashi/Joon/Leonidas

To be honest I dont see Rana much nor do I want to challenge her.
She is my next hero to up anyway.

The only 3 yellow tanks that make me think twice are Guin/Rana/Drake as these 3 can be very punishing for a bad board. The rest not really. They are either slow or squishy.

Everyone says not to use drake as a tank, but I’ve had fairly good luck when using him. I do think he’s underestimated in this role, especially when stacking.

Delilah - difficult to kill with a mediocre board and can stack a ton of minions making a comeback impossible.
Justice - top 3 tankiest hero in the game, top 1 once you are blinded
Rana - highest damage special of any yellow hero, but relatively easy to kill
Vivica - easy to kill since she’s slow mana, but very difficult to recover against if she casts her special
Drake - blind only lasts 3 turns so you can take a hit if you play smart, but his special still hurts
Joon - likely to one-shot a hero, but easy to kill and provides little utility
Musashi - hits hard, but that’s it. His self heal is virtually useless on defense and he has no utility
Leonidas - the AI is terrible at using his special correctly. In theory his mana drain is useful, less so in practice

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Joon , Leo, Musashi

Man… Justice, despite his “A” grade as a tank is getting no love! So many high attack power and fast mana heroes being released now… I guess I can understand.

W mojej ocenie uważam że wszystko zależy od pozostałych bohaterów których posiadamy.
Ja używam delilah i jestem bardzo zadowolony.
Fong szybki więc lepszy od Justice pomimo podobnych parametrów. Vivi wolna i nie zawsze zdąży odpalić lecz i tak wielu z niej korzysta. Wiadomo że jeśli karty najszybsze najlepsze . Pozdrawiam

In my opinion, I think that everything depends on the other heroes we have.
I use Delilah and I am very pleased.
Fast Fong so better than Justice despite similar parameters. Vivi is free and will not always be able to fire but so many people use it. It is known that if the fastest cards are the best. greetings

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