Yellow Tank Strategies

So here it is, a year or so into my Empires and Puzzles time. I quickly noticed the effectiveness of certain teams and the ineffectiveness of others.

I struggled, until recently, to nab a decent 5* Holy hero and a decent 5* Dark. As it turns out I ended up pulling Khiona, Guinevere, & Hel. I put Aegir on left wing and Red Hood on right wing, with Guinevere in tank position flanked by Khiona on the left, Hel on the right.

I must say that even though Guinevere is not maxed the team synergizes very well! I wasn’t to sure about the passive healing through Regen, minions, & Aegir’s buff, but man alive does it work well!

I was curious what other yellow tank builds work well. Two purple flanks with a yellow tank really seems to work and I couldn’t help but assume there are other builds that I’m not seeing.

Do the opposite color flanks always work so well? Not so much with the other colors?

Who else might go well in the wing positions with the Khiona, Guinevere, Hel set-up?

Red Hood is fine as a wing, I’m not sure about Aegir in that position though. His buff is more ideal when it fires early, if he fires it late some heroes may already have been KO’d and the damage share will be less effective.

I prefer having a strong damage dealer or a powerful healer in the wing myself.

yellow Guinevere tank with purple flanks is tough to deal with imo, I see that often and the purple heroes eat the stray purple tiles aimed at Guinevere.

Someone like Alasie, Evelyn or Lianna in the left wing position?

Yes, any of them would be good imo.

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