Yellow Mellow Hello :)

Just thought I’d drop a line to say hello. Since I’ve deleted the game and line app I was asked if I could post my final heroes list, (which I decided to keep in heroplan as memorabilia) here was my final list of heroes:

Did not update my ascension materials, but I had enough to ascend 2 5* in each color plus plenty for the others and countless battle items.

Hope everyone is well. I’m online for a few so if you want to say hi feel free to stop by :slight_smile:


Very nice set of heroes. Hope you are well and enjoying your release …
When did you leave the game and what made you come to that decision…
Take care and stay healthy

Hi, fine here, and you?..

The game is almost impossible to enjoy without spending money, and it was just too distracting and provided no positive value add. After a while it was just redundancy, the teammates were the fun part and what kept me in the game for so long.

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I’m doing well @Mestre thanks for asking


One and half a year playing FTP, not bored… Just I know what can I do, and nothing more, then nothing less. Carpe Diem


99 5 stars. how long did it take you to get all of them?

btw, i love that you kept 5 Muggys, maxed. what did you do with them?

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