Yellow Invisible Potion not working on reflect damage

I thought I was clever when I used the yellow Invisible Potion on Miki against a thunder unicorn. My my insta died when the blue tiles hit. For sure this must a be a bug.

This popped up a little while ago, cant remember exactly where but here’s my thinking.

I personally think that there isn’t a bug here because:

  • tooltip of the Invisibility Potion says that the target is invisible to the ENEMY
  • reflect damage originates from YOUR TEAM (i.e. tiles)
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I read through the description of the invisibility potion. I think it is worded odd.

If that’s how it is. I don’t see any need to craft this item at all.

I also don’t understand why it has to be like this. I just can’t think of a situation where it could be badly abused.

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