Yellow Defensive down hero

More defense down yellow heroes

We have one…Guardian Jackal. :woman_shrugging:

Look how many blue there are. At least 11. Yellow is rare

I think OP is referring to holy heroes that cause regular defense debuff to enemies like what White Rabbit and costumed Viv do.

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Sorry, I’m a little confused by your request. ( you have edited your OP)
Are you asking for more elemental down or regular defense down 4* Holy Heroes?

Don’t think we have that many defense down 4* Ice heroes.

Just more defensive down yellow heroes in general. Mabye a 4*.

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Yes. That is what I was referring too. Thanks.

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I will try identifying them ice heroes that causes regular defense debuff to the enemy:

  1. Costumed Gunnar
  2. Ulmer
  3. Grimm
  4. Frank
  5. Athena
  6. Finley
  7. Isarnia
  8. Costumed Isarnia
  9. Costumed Magni

So, who are the other two?

Blue heroes that cause elemental defense debuff to the enemies are King Arthur, Frida and Nordri. They are distinct from the aforementioned and as such, you can stack their status ailments to the enemy on top of each other without overwriting each other.


  1. Valen
  2. Zila Lei
  3. Costumed Kiril

Well theres gunner costume, grimm, Frank, ulmer, magni costume, athena, insarnia, finley, the new blue guy

Also valen

Blue definitely got lots.

Personally I like elements having strengths and weaknesses. It gives them character.

Yeah might be 9. How many yellow

Valen is one I missed

List of 11 is complete.

Yeah. Other elements also only have a few (red: Wilbur, Gormek and Santa; green: Buddy and Frigg; purple: Cheshire Cat, Tiburtus and costume and Kunchen).

I guess regular defense debuffer are innate for ice.


Costumed Kiril has defense down ability.

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Thanks. Added. Added.

Was literally talking about this yesterday holy is definitely lacking also nature.
Compared to others.

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The original post (before being edited) was asking for “ A defense down 4*hero” , that’s why G.Jackal came to my mind…

But if we take in consideration all the categories (3/4/5* holy heroes), we could definitely use some more defense down heroes.


Yes I revised it. What I meant was mabye a yellow defense down 4*. To help with titans and ect. So it’s not as rare. So you can go mono easier.

Holy doesn’t have a 4* normal defense down hero. In 5* just two and they are behind a BIG paywall.

We need 4* dark elemental deffence down hero. :thinking::roll_eyes:.
Those holy mythic titans are not fun for us who not having Panther.
Now green got 3.
Yellow got 2.
Blue 3.
Red 2.
Purple only one, Panther (Hidden behind a pay wall).
And on deffence down note creat atleast one in each 3*, 4*, and 5*.
Thx. Then game will be little bit fair enough to all.
From newbies to average ones and so on.
If SG will creat elemental defence down for each colour, 3*, 4*, 5*, will be the day they really started caring for their player base. :roll_eyes:
Then that Happy Gaming sounds sweet to all. :thinking:

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