Yellow and Red choices

Hey there :slight_smile:

so soon i will have enough mats to max out another 5* Red and 5* Yellow. My main focus at this point is War and Raid Offense.

First of all these are my heroes:

Defense right now: Joon, King Arthur, Kunchen, Gravemaker, Kingston (Gladly take advice for this too if you have suggestions)

Choices in my mind: Red: Marjana, Zimkitty or Grazul

Yellow: 2nd Joon or Neith (maybe also for defense?)

This is the first time i am so torn about a choice!! Some help would be awesome.

P.S. don’t mind the half leveled cards, i will finish them xD

Thanks :slight_smile:

Why don’t you consider Santa among other red?

Simply because i generally had “bad” experiences with Slow Heroes on Offense, i know he is good and i definetly will max him out, just wasn’t considering him for THIS round. But i am open minded to convincing me :smiley:

I’d choose Neith over a duplicate myself (and in fact, that’s what I’m doing right now). She could work for your defense team, if she flanks Kunchen – her damage is low, but Kunchen can help make that less of an issue. And she’s got more defense than Joon as well so she’ll make a more durable yellow flank to Kunchen.

Just don’t expect her to hurt on offense – I’ve been mainly enjoying her as a blind-all hero there, which is imo her best strength. It can be risky to play her, but when the enemy misses a special skill, it feels good


Yeah i already looked around about Neith and heard she does about Zimkittys damage, glad to hear that my Defense idea might work out!

Now for the bigger issue for me personally, Red! xD Let’s see what people think.

Thanks for the response

I would normally lean towards Zimkitty for your red. But you have two great 5* healers/dispellers. I think Marjana is a good choice for your war and raid offense. Zim would be my 2nd choice.

We should expect a costume for her soon too. Which can only make her better.

Yellow I’m going with Neith I think.

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In my honest opinion, I would focus on Zimkitha for red and Neith for yellow
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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