Yellow 4 stars heroes

You may or may not be forgotten … but I don’t see the problem the way you see it.

The group I think you are talking about would be players who don’t have TC20 yet or haven’t run it long enough to have a selection of 5* heroes. (Assuming those players haven’t spent a ton of money summoning heroes, that is)

I’m well beyond that now, but here’s what I remember from my roster at that point and players who were well matched with me:

I had a really uneven selection of heroes by color (Classes didn’t exist then.)

And my uneven selection wasn’t influenced by which heroes were out there including event and atlantis 4*\s, or even which 4* heroes existed from TC20.

My selection was uneven because randomly pulled heroes are very unlikely to have an even distribution, and most players start out with some sort of mismatch or other. Some of the fun of this game is figuring out how make a roster work for you when it isn’t even.

In my case, there were a few colors I was short in, and I was very short of hitters, and had more healers than I knew what to do with. A problem–not really, but uneven and interesting? YES.

And no matter what … once you’ve played long enough, you collect enough 4*s to round out your collection and start to get some 5* heroes. If you play free or cheap, you will spend more time getting there. If you summon a lot of heroes, you will get there faster. But either way you will get past it.

And yes, I do agree that the game is short both yellow and blue heroes, compared to red, purple, and green, especially yellow now, and I do hope they work toward that balance as they add more heroes to the game over time. Dunno when or how, but I’m sure they will!

  • HotM are on a cycle, not favoring any color.
  • They have a full set of five challenge events, one for each reflect color, in a week when they release Wonderland.
  • They have a full set of four seasonal events, spread evenly across the calendar.
  • The Atlantis heroes are (nearly) all released, except for three 5* heroes that have been seen in beta, and all three should be out in the next two months. (Fortunately, there is a blue hero in that and a yellow one, if I recall correctly)

I’m sure sometime late 2019 or perhaps more likely, 2020 they will come up with something completely new that adds more heroes to the game. They just have to come up with a new pattern/reason/excuse for it, since the ones they’ve already started are pretty much played out.

If the devs have dont any idea to create new 4* for yellow., than they can make a 4* joon and a 4* drake. Because chao is the 4* of leonidas and li xiu of guin and hu tao of justice.
Make a 4* sniper like joon
Make a 4* hitter to 3 enemies like drake
Make a 4* onatel which heals nearby allies maybe for 3 rounds.
Sorry for my bad english

Great point Barry

When I was a few months in I had the opposite problem. The only 3* or 4* healer I could pull was Boldtusk, but luckily I got him very early. So I had content myself with 4* hitters or utility heroes. And I think that slight adversity gave me a good education in hitter and utility combos that work. it was frustrating at the time but probably helped my game.

In the past few months I have pulled more 4* healers than I know what to do with (5 Kiril, 4 Melendor, 3 Sabina etc etc) so it all evened out

But on topic, I only have 1 five star yellow, Justice, and she is not awesome on titans. Wu is the only 4 star yellow effective in that area, and I have him maxed. Perhaps it is the existence of Wu that makes them think 4* hitters would pair too well with him? Who knows . With a bit of luck you can still get decent scores on purple titans with Wu, Li and Chao - that’s what I use

But let’s think how long it takes, ok?

1-2 months: with 1-2-3 stars
2-5 months: with 3-4 stars
6-12 months: with 4 stars and a couple of 5 stars
12+ months: first set of rainbow 5 star

So basically people play with 4 stars for one year. Sometimes more than that, sometimes less… but still a considerable amount of time.
Do you know which color, right now, is really hard to stack both for titans, AWs and raids? Yellow.
The most important sources of ascending mats.
If I see a purple tank in a raid or AW and want to attack that team who should I bring? Wu Kong is a big risk in raids, same for Danzaburo. G. Jackal is awesome but tied in an event that I’m still waiting to come, hoping to pull it. The others are… meh.

It’s not only about numbers, it needs much more variety of mechanics.
Small versions of Joon and Drake are not really needed or half heroes would have blind (awesome, but basically a form of attack debuff). Some others have mana cut/control but other colors do it better, much better (Hansel, Proteus and Merlin really make a difference).

5 stars will come, that’s sure, but even if I really enjoy the game right now, I can see some design flaws. And I want it to be enjoyable at all levels, not only at endgame.

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Sure, with a bit of luck.
But other colors can bring an healer, an attack buffer, a pulverizer and many other options.

Just lower stats to balance it out. There are many heroes that have mediocre specials with great stats (mostly attack), they need to make more of that but having a powerful special (for the # of stars) with really mediocre stats. Playing protect the healer is the historical gameplay of all rpgs.

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