Yellow 4 stars heroes

I read somewhere about the new Wonderland heroes and I noticed that there won’t be any new yellow hero. Among 5* there are some great heroes even if it’s the color with the smaller number of them and I won’t go into details.
The real problem are the 4*, the so-called backbone of E&P and certainly the most important for all new players, in particular F2P and C2P.

I took the time to put down the abilities for each color:

  • Blue (8 heroes, 6 classes): pulverizer, risposte, enemy cleanser, healing buffer, healer + att/def buffer
  • Red (9 heroes, 5 classes): pulverizer, healer + att buffer, DOT, mana regen buffer, risposte, colored def debuffer, att debuffer, spirit link + def buffer/debuffer
  • Green (11 heroes, 7 classes): att/def debuffer, mana regen debuffer, mana cutter, heal next + att buffer, heal all + enemy cleanser, silencer, best 4* tank healer + strong color def buffer
  • Purple (11 heroes, 7 classes): pulverizer, healer+ally cleanser, healer+enemy cleanser, mana cutter, special skill cutter, colored def buffer, healing debuffer
  • Yellow (7 heroes, 5 classes): mana cutter, blinder, colored def debuffer, att buffer/accuracy debuffer

I’m totally ok with the fact that each color should have an exclusive mechanic (yellow has blind, for example) and I perfectly know that Wu Kong is probably one of the most important hero in the game (at least until you pull Tarlak), but it’s so strange that there isn’t any healer…
Same thing if we look at the classes: how is it possible that the holy color doesn’t have any cleric or paladin? :astonished:

I know that classes are new and it will take some time to adjust things properly but a new event like Wonderland could have been perfect to even things a bit. The Caterpillar, the White Rabbit, the Duchess are some characters that could have been used for that purpose.

Please, please, please don’t forget that not all players are in the league of 5*s and many won’t play there for a long time.


Vivica is holy cleric and Justice is paladin.

Yellow 4* are out of healers but they have most powerfull buffer. They also haven’t dispell or normal def debuffer, but they can drain mana, only yellows.
Reds and blues are buffers (BT, Wilbur, Kiril, Boril)
Only greens have attack debuff(ok not only, Richard have it too, maybe someone more)

I understand you but if every colour will have heroes, with the same skills it will be not interesting. Now you must think, “tank/titan is yellow, but I want drain his mana should I take Chao? Or maybe better use Tiburtus and Rigard?”

I’m using Wu for yellow titans, Wilbur for blue titans (and sometimes against blue tanks), this make game good and interesting. Blue and reds are little similar Khagan-Magni, BT-Kiril, Wilbur-Magni+Isarnia, but they didn’t the same.

Only green 4* have healer with special colour defence for nearby, Only red and blue 4* didn’t have mana control 4*. This game requires tactics, planning and some luck, that, why I like this game. :slight_smile:

I’m sure Wonderland is getting 2 blues due to the fact that ice heroes are limited In events. You only had Arthur from Knights and Rumple from GF.

Even seasonal only has one rabbit and Valeria.

Yes, you are right but I think that yellow lacks really a lot.
I notice it every time I have to face purple titans (hitting 9* right now) and if I want to stack I have to bring Bane because the others are really… meh.

Talking about mechanics, let’s try to list them in an inverted way. Some heroes have more than one power and will be listed multiple times.

Healers: purple (Rigard, Sabina), green (Gadeirus, Melendor, Kashhrek), red (Boldtusk), blue (Kiril)
Heal debuffer: purple (Gafar, Jabbar), blue (Valeria)
Heal buffer: blue (Triton)
Attack Buffers: blue (Kiril), red (Boldtusk, Lancelot), green (Gadeirus), yellow (Wu Kong - a bit different but I’ll put him here too)
Attack Debuffers: green (Buddy, Skittleskull), red (Scarlett)
Defense Buffers: blue (Kiril), red (Wilbur), yellow (Danzaburo - not reliable)
Specific color Defense Buffers: purple (First Mate Boomer), blue (Agwe), green (Kashhrek)
Defense Debuffers: red (Gormek, Wilbur), blue (Grimm), green (Buddy), purple (Tiburtus)
Specific color Defense Debuffers: red (G. Falcon), yellow (G. Jackal), purple (Cheshire Cat)
Spirit Link: red (Wilbur)
Mana cutter/control: yellow (Gretel, Li Xiu, Chao), green (Little John, Hansel, Cabin boy Peters), purple (Merlin, Proteus)
Mana buffer: red (Sir Lancelot), yellow (Danzaburo - not reliable)
Cleanser for enemies: green (Caedmon), blue (Sonya), purple (Sabina)
Cleanser for allies: purple (Rigard)
Risposte: blue (Boril), red (Sumitomo), purple (Cyprian)
DOT: red (Colen, Kelile), purple (Jabbar), blue (Valeria)
Blinder: yellow (Hu Tao, Danzaburo - not reliable)
Gambling: yellow (Wu Kong, Danzaburo)
Minion summoner: green (Buddy)
Minion eater: green (Gobbler), blue (Cpt. of Diamonds)

Maybe now it’s clearer that yellow is lacking in too many areas. Don’t you think?

Yes, I know. Blue heroes come right after yellow ones in numbers but they still have the most important mechanics: att buffer, defense buffer, defense debuffer, healer. I have no problems in a blue titan team of 4 stars. I can’t say the same for yellow…

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Yes i second that, that yellow lacks. We need good 4* heroes in yellow. My wife had 23 orbs and i have 34 orbs. Dont want to spend them on hu tao, li xiu or danzaburo. Have two chao, 2 jackal, two gretel maxed.

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Yes. I have more orbs than any other 3* ascension mat. The only thing I use them for is getting 5* yellows to 3.70. It would be nice to see more good yellow four stars.


Some stats from the wiki here, which also support the OP’s assertion: we need more Holy heroes. The following quantities includes everything from 1* through 5*, whether from S1, S2, Event or HotM.

Element Quantity
Holy Heroes 29
Dark Heroes 38
Nature Heroes 37
Fire Heroes 35
Ice Heroes 30

Getting two more Ice heroes is definitely welcome, but Holy needs some love, too, for sure.

If you want a peak at all 4* heroes in particular, you can find them here.


That’s right, its hard to see yellow on this list

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I also think it’s weird that in Atlantis every color saw two 4 stars released but yellow only had 1 with Danzaburo. I still wonder why that is.

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My fear is that balancing 4 stars is not a priority for Devs, that’s why I created this thread.
There are a LOT of people that play and will play mostly with 4 stars heroes for a long long time. Please don’t forget about us.

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The power of Wu Kong and somewhat lesser Jackal make up for lack of quality 4* Yellows. The rest are just fillers - not bad but by no means extraordinaire either. Just average across the board, which is unlike other 4* colors who have multiple TC superstars.

True, Wu Kong and Jackal are good heroes.
The others are really crappy, imho:

  • Hu Tao’s pew pew is slow;

  • Greta, Chao and Li Xiu are not bad mana controllers but other colors do it better (Hansel, Peters, Merlin, Proteus);

  • The random mechanic of Danzaburo is fun to use but nobody would ever build a strategy around him.

Here’s another cut at your chart:

Purple Yellow Blue Green Red
-Attack Buddy, Skittleskull Scarlett
-Defense Tibertus Grimm Buddy Wilbur, Gormek
-Healing Gafar, Jabbar Valeria
-Mana Chao, Li Xiu, Danzaburo
-Mana_Gen Proteus Little John
+Attack Wu Kong Kiril Gadeirus Boldtusk, Lancelot
+Defense Danzaburo Kiril Wilbur
+Healing Triton
+Mana_Gen Danzaburo Lancelot
Blind Hu Tao
Cleanse Rigard, Gafar (self), Jabbar (self)
Debuff Sabina Sonya Melendor, Caedmon
DoT Proteus, Gafar, Jabbar Kelile
Elem-Defense G.Jackal G.Falcon
Elem+Defense Boomer Agwe Kashherk
Ghost Ameonna
Healer Sabina Kiril Melendor, Gadeirus, Kashhrek Boldtusk
Mana Cut-on-Cap Merlin Gretel Hansel
Minion Buddy
Minion Eater Gobbler Capt. Dia.
Riposte Cyprian Boril Sumitomo
Silence Peters
Spirit Link Wilbur

20 panda warriors

WOW! :astonished:
Thanks a lot @Kerridoc!!! I promise to learn how to put data like this in a forum so you won’t have to do the work for me next time, but I really really appreciate it. :blush:

A couple of things I noticed though: 1) I think you forgot Kashhrek, Skittleskull, G.Falcon and Colen; 2) Danzaburo stops its own mana generation, I wouldn’t put it in the chart; 3) you put G.Jackal in purple.

Fixed, thanks. The easiest way to create tables is to build them in Excel, then just copy-paste them into a post.

{added thought:}

Yellow really needs a healer. In classic RPGs, holy heroes are usually the healers. Vivica is a good example. If Rigard were yellow, he’d seem a natural set of skills.

What about something like:

  • Average mana
  • Heals 42% to all allies
  • 35% Blind to all foes for 4 turns
  • Cleric

Yes, a cleric and a paladin would be very welcome.
I wouldn’t put blind on any other hero, though. It’s a nice mechanic that matches the lack of -attack debuffers but it’s too abused and completely useless in a yellow stacking. It’s ok to have one or two blinders… more than that is an overkill.

What about a total cleanser?

  • Average mana
  • Heals 42% to all allies
  • Destroy all buffs and debuffs on the battlefield
  • Cleric

Sounds great but feels like a 5* with such sweeping powers. I appreciate that the “wipe clean” cuts both ways, but still, feels very powerful for a 4*.

Yes, you’re right… it’s a big effect that suits better a 5*.
Maybe a fast healer/cleanser? Basically like Rigard but fast instead of average and with a smaller healing power. I think it would pair perfectly a slow big healer like Vivica.

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