Yellow 4* - Jackal or Chao?


Hi dears, I need your help please:

I have - in yellow - Joon (5*, maxed) and Li Xiu (4*, maxed).

I also have Leonidas (5*, ascension level 2).
But I am not really happy with him.
Seems kind of underpowered for a 5*. And I could not max him anyway at this time. Plus I have Joon.

NOW, in 4* I have Jackal and Chao. Both unleveled. I can get them to max. I have the materials.

Which one would you recommend? For titan and also for pvp?

I once read here that Joon and Chao can double up to take out Hel in center position (snickers… )

Thank you very much in advance for your help and support.


If considering Titans, I’d go for Chao since he lessens mana and his special loads fast (even though it’s a bit slower than Jackal’s). Sounds like a d@mn good pair with Joon’s special!


Chao is the plague, don’t touch him :face_with_monocle:


What, why?!? He’s my only 4* yellow besides Wu…(insert whining here)


Seriously, you have Wu kong, Jackal and Joon. They are the same heroes top players use to do 100k damage on 10* purple titans.

Other questions?


Is Wu not an option here?

I’d definitely level Wu, then Jackal. They both make Joon a lot stronger, as well as been decent options in their own right. Forget Chao and Leo.


Wu is definitely a non-issue, there’s no not using him if you have him. I rarely see Jackal, but I’m guessing that’s because those are defensive raid teams. Makes sense. Thanks for the clarifications.


So does Jackal + Joon, i’ll go with Jackal as it will be a good pick even for non raids content


WuKong first and Jackal second. Keep the rest as “backups to level”.


I am slightly confused.

So the majority says… so far … that I should level Wu Kong?

An alliance buddy of mine has him. And occasionally, this guy does great titan damage. Occasionally.

Actually, I intended to level another shooter.

But of course, I am prepared to change my mind, if more people agree.

I love to see Wu Kong on a defensive team, by the way … evil grin… Just kill the others and then snub out that monkey at my leisure … :wink:


Wu Kong is a must for titans, all top scorers have him on their team. I even bring him on yellow titans, without him my score will be lower, even on yellow.


Wu Kong provide the best attack modifier that can also stack with banner/attack making you reach crazy amounts of damage, it works for every color (it affect heroes) and you can always fire color of the unaffected heroes to hit the titan’s weak spot (not rainbow team).
The miss chance is also “good” for raids if you miss a nearly full-mana foe while filling yours and then turn the tides of the fight.

Wu Kong shines when you use a double color team (like mine: Sabina and Tiburtus) to deal up to 600 damage x shield and wreak havok on the battlefield.

For events and titans Wu Kong is the star of the show, try it :sunglasses:



Against purple titans he DESTROYS.

I pair him with another yellow and the damage just rains down.


Wu Kong + Jackal on all titans except yellow, which I still bring Wu Kong to. You won’t be disappointed.

My scores on all titans increased reliably by 5k with the team, on a purple titan I saw increases more to the tune of 15k and have broken my highest hit 10 times since the stack from like 30k to 55k. I don’t have a defense down person or Athena or any of the crazy people.

Set your board up for yellow, fire Jackal special fire Wu Special, clear the board and you’ll smile. If you have one of the defense down people it STACKS with the elemental defense down and I’d bet there’s another 10k plus damage there easy.

The one thing with Jackal is he’s fragile, mind his health. That -54% holy defense doesn’t work if he’s dead. He’s SUPER fragile at 3/60 so you have to take him to 70 on higher level titans or you’ll waste too much time keeping him alive.

WAIT - he stacks with attack banners? ■■■■, I’ve been missing out. So I stack Ares with Wu, can I also stack a banner on top of that?


Jackal 100%. His Element debuff will have you melting purple titans with Joon.

I leveled a second Jackal and still havent touched Chao.

Edit: Your OP text never mentions Wu Kong, which I see in your pic. Wu Kong, then Jackal.


How is this even a question. Wu all day then Jackal. Wu does so much for titans and you could make a case for him on raids. You will own purple titans with Joon and Wu. My alliance calls me the yellow jacket with the damage I do on them.


I wanna run 5 jackal one day… just saying:grin:


I don’t know very much about Ares buff but Wu Kong special stacks with banners.
If you have Ares go with it affecting 2 strong color heroes, Wu Kong and a defense-debuffer, it could be the strongest damaging combo.


On a purple with Ares flanked by Jackal and Wu it’s insane…insanely awesome!


Alright dears, you have got me sold on Wu Kong, then Jackal :slight_smile:

Thankfully, I have the materials to max both.

Thank you very much indeed for your help and support! I really appreciate it!