Yellow 4* Heros

So I have the predicament of choosing which 3* and 4* yellow hero’s I should make a priority. These are my current choices:

Wu Kong - 2-50
Hu Tao - 1-33
Chao - 1-1
Liu Xiu - 1-1
Bane - 1 - 26
Melia - 1 - 1
Kailani- 1 - 1
Gab Ju - 1 - 1

I am in still leveling my first 4* team and do not have a 3* team yet. This is getting ridiculous with the yellow hero’s and I don’t want to keep them all (or should I). Any suggestions from experienced players here?

My opinion… Wu (he’s a game changer) then Bane (best 3* imo) then Li Xiu. I use all of these regularly and love em all.


Keep the 3 and 4* heros. Finish Bane first. He will be the quickest to max out.


Now that I rethought order… I concur with bane first.

I go Bane, then Melia, then Wu, then Li Xiu.

Wu first , I use him for all titan fights.
Chao second he is fast and can delay an attack, his damage is mediocre but still the second best regular yellow 4* I used him a long time until I replaced him with Joon. And I still use him in wars.
The only better yellow 4* are event heros Jackall or Gretel.

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So i should keep all the hero’s and not feed any?

I am thinking of finishing my 4* team to 3-60 and then starting my 3* team. I just got my ascension materials to lvl wu to 3-1. Just want to make sure i shouldn’t save my chainmail shirts for something else! Took forever to get them!

Yes, keep all your heros. Until you have 30 heros for war don’t feed any of them away.
I know people are recommending 4* first. It’s hard not to, but you will finish Bane and Melia quicker than you will a 4*. They will take less feeder heros to get to 3/50 versus a 4* to 3/60.
You can work on Wu next if you really want. I use him for titans, but not much else. His gambling special drives me nuts.


Thank you @Starryeyedgryph. Definitely a lot to consider!

Am I the only one that puts extreme value on +def heroes?

I really feel like if you’re going to waste time on a 3*, rather than leveling heroes as good as Li Xiu or Wu Kong, they need to provide something truly worthwhile, such as Spirit Link.

…moderate sniper that blinds? Not so valuable by compare…

Titan Wu
Offensive Chao
Defensive Li Xiu

  1. Finish Bane
  2. Wu for titans
  3. Kailani for survival in rare quests
  4. Melia for events/titans

Chao vs Li Xiu is a decision of what you need at the time. Fast hitter to control 1 opponent or a serviceable tank that hits all for crowd control (offense v defense).

Kailani and Gunnar helped me stockpile 4* ascension materials from quests with their +63% def and damage sharing. Yes, items were burned, but well worth it for some of the most coveted items in the game.

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Wu Kong is amazing for increasing your titan damage and thereby getting more rare loot to ascend other heroes. After that I’d work on Chao if you have the 3* mats, or Bane if you dont’t.

Before I lose my mind, would all the Wu acolytes pls stop. He is great at titans, but does the player need that?

Ask. If OP is in an alliance that has not reached 6* titans, Wu does nothing to help. OP will need Wu, but is it now?

Wu is mandatory for Titan who aim for highest damage , thats all , he is suck at Offensive and Defensive

i have Wu but didnt work on him yet , i am doing Chao > Leo > Jackal > Danza now

personally Wu is not really suit for me , you need to have *5 Full Asc and Tornado/Timestop to minimize “missed” tile because of Wu , for non-max-asc heroes , missed-tile = miss-stun = disaster

i vote for Tarlak than Wu

I am in love with wu, i use him in raids and wars as well, unlike others.

As for the feeding question, never feed 4* heroes. And in your progress, 3* are still very valuable. I regret every single developed 3* heroes when i was relatuvely new. Developed 3* heroes will have their significance in wars, you will need maybe 4 maxed 3* or eachbcolor so that you cans tack against many teams in wars. War defenses will be hard to penetrate, you will see it.

Feeding 1/1 3* heroes will be helpful in future when you know exactly which hero to develop.

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So to throw more confusion on top, i just received Onatel in a bonus draw. When should i start developing her?

Save Onatel until you have a solid 4* rainbow team maxed AND at least 4-5 Darts. 5* are very slow and costly to develop and a partially leveled one doesn’t help you much.

At your current level, DO level a 3* team first. Bane or Melia then Wu.


I agree with @hazard, I would hold off on leveling Onatel until you had at least 1 maxed 4* yellow (maybe 2) and 4+ darts. 4* heroes are cheaper and quicker to level, as well as the fact that they will help you complete epic and legendary levels of the monthly challenge events. This results in them helping you earn more ascension materials; essentially a return on your investment in them :).

Bane is a great hero to start with, and at your level resources to ascend heroes can be difficult to come by. So leveling 1-2 3* heroes of each color does help lay a foundation of earning the necessary resources for 4* and 5* heroes.

Wu Kong is really only bad on defense. He’s great on titans, offense and the event/challenges, to help you clear these tough mobs and bosses and not feel their huge hp at all. His only downside is that he can mess up your sniper kill, so time his buff properly or, you know, gamble.

I have Magni and usually gamble his sniper shot with Wu Kong’s buff when some ugly enemy hero got full mana and still has almost full hp. Wu Kong’s buff + maxed Magni = dead hero, as long as you are not unlucky with the proc. Also he is perfect with Wilbur if you have one. First Wilbur, then Wu Kong, then go with a diamond or cascade and enjoy these poof poof poof.

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