Yearly FREE 4*/3* Ascension Material

yea that is right, if you ascend only 1 4* during the year and/or one 5* of a color, this is unrealistic if you want to do good enough on challenge events with the hopes to get another ascension material. Many new players or FTP/ CTP players will prefer to ascend as many 4* as possible until the build a ok roaster to save mats for a 5*

Cool video, now if you follow the person that does those videos, he spend heavy in the game and as he mention it is a gamble, the odds are not on your favor. We have to make it clear to all ftp and ctp players that the chances to get ascension materials are low unless you are willing to pay to increase your chances

The way that I look the original post is way to get ascension material by finishing events no the way to buy ascension materials

Yeah everything I’ve posted has no money involved. Additionsl way is all from participation. Unless u directly buy a 4* guaranteed offer, its still random on the draw. The shop has a 600gem ascension material option almost every other week, but even that says possible loot and u only get two items.

What on earth are you talking about? You get more than enough 3 star materials to ascend more than one 4. 5 star is another matter.

And, frankly, getting 3 star materials isn’t that hard. Yes, it’s restricted in the early game, but once you start killing 8 star and up titans, they flow like water. I was once in awe of later game players with dozens of 3 star mats, but I’m there myself now. I couldn’t run out if I tried.

Which is what you should do. I have vastly more maxed 4s than 5s for that very reason.

And you seem to have missed the point of this thread entirely.

Updating for starfall

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@Rook when you post a pic, if you’ll look in the text, you’ll see that you can change the size.

If you’ll notice in this pic, the 336x500 is the pic size. You can change this to reduce or increase the size of the pic :grin:

Yeah, there was a shortcut but it wasn’t working for me. Figured I did something wrong. How very like a cat!

Say what? Cats are awesome, especially cats named @Rook :+1:t2:


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