Yay, thank you SG for bringing back the Christmas Music for Santa’s challenge!

Last year you ditched the wonderful Christmas tune. Thanks for bringing it back! The little bit of Christmas cheer I get is the beautiful hymn that makes it enjoyable to play. Thanks again!


Huh, isn’t that song played for that event every year?

Not last year. Was nothing. So glad it’s back.

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Why would it not be played last year? Pretty sure it’s played every year

Wait the game has music?


Lol 20 characters and more

Fa la la la la

I’d rather it ditched the music and gave out some 5*s ffs

Pretty sure it’s the same Christmas music… But nice you like it… I don’t mind it actually as it once a year :santa::green_heart:

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No Music

Thanks @Dudeious.Maximus ( see notes )


That was my thought, @Dudeious.Maximus was a real ear opener ( see notes )


Click for notes

No Music

Music loop is approximately 2:08 long

If I Recall Correctly, 2:00 is the time between ducks and

Edit 3
6x to 8x loops is the time between dragons/ sleighs


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