Yang Mai – 5* Fire/ Red - May 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Yang Mai Army showing how her stacks and damage play out.
When I play with my Yang Mai +15 I usually get her stack up to 5 or higher more times than not. And hit 10 pretty regularly. She hits pretty solid when I do. I’m enjoying having her on my team.


Drat !! I failed to get this hero. Oh, well…


You mean on maps? or do you use some heavy healer based raid team? I do use mine and I end up with 3 to 5 stacks sometimes 7 never reach 10 before match ends in PvP

Would someone please explain stacks to me? What they are and how they work. I just don’t get it.

Basically permanent modifiers or ailments within the context of a raid of PVE stage.

Skadi gives stacks that drain health and decrease mana gen. Depending on how many minions/heroes she kills with her special(s) the stack size grows with greater effect.

Yang Mai’s attack goes up with each stack. Each stack is gained with each hit she does as part of her special - so it could be between 1 and 5 each time she uses her special. Each stack gives her a 5% increase to attack with a maximum of 10 stacks in total, i.e. +50% attack

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Okay, now it’s gelling. So with Mireweave, she has a +10% attack stack with up to 10 stacks. So she can potentially stack +100% additional attack. Her attack is 115%. Does that mean her potential attack is now 215%?

Nop it’s the hero’s stats that are enhanced not the skills.
So yang mai will still do 250% but based on its increased attack stats.

Not impressive even with 10 stacks but the tile damage should be great for titans/mythic titans


Thanx for clarifying, @Artamiss , that really helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


I mostly use her in raid fights. So that’s where I’m seeing it happen. Used her in war hits this last week for the first time and felt she was a solid hero.

Edit- after trying her out some more I’m seeing more 7 and 8 stacks. Maybe I just assumed she hit 10 more than she does. I’ll keep a better watch and maybe try to record some if I can.

I use mine regualry and she never reach 10 stacks, 50% is too low

But her task ideally is speed up CAzlar and make 1-2 heroes < 50% if possible.


Exactly how i use her, she replaced elena for this. And she is way more durable then elena

It’s 280%, not 250%. And you’re discounting the secondary hits. If she hits twice she does 420% damage. That’s Magni level. If she hits a third time it’s 560%. Fourth hit makes it 700% and if she hits all 5 times it makes her hit for 840% in total. Not bad. These hits are spread randomly to enemies…which is why she works best towards the end of a match against one or two remaining heroes IMO. Still, she’s a heavily RNG-based hero. You have to be able to stomach the many times she only hits once.

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280% + 140% due to the way the damage is calculated is far far from doing the same amount of damages as a single 420% hit.

So no this hero is just meh. Reds have the best AoE hitters that combined can easily end the fight in 9 tiles with the right mana troops. Yang Mae unfortunately is not one of them

which heros would that be?

Not following your argumentation, 280% + 140% is the same amount of damage as 420%. Tell me another red hero who could have won this game?

420% does do more damage than separate 280% and 140%, buts it’s closer than “far far” more. He’s exaggerating.

As for red AOE heroes…probably G. Kong? Not sure who he’s thinking of. I think he’s wrong there too. Most AOE reds are slow.

All I know is BT + Wilbur + Yang Mai is a pretty good combo. Extra tile damage plus her chain hits are a good combo.

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So just to understand it right. If her atk is say 800 and she gets two on her stack for 10% that boosts her attack to 880 right? And then another 2 on her stack would jump her up to 960? and so on? If so that explains why I keep feeling like her hits are getting so strong. I really hadn’t expected her to be doing the dmg that she does.

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Yes, so late in the battle she hits really nice.

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Yes. That coupled with potentially multiple hits makes her a great late game hitter IMO…especially when down to 3 or less opponents in play (greater chance to hit multiple times on the same hero).

That is why she fits in well in a battle of attrition style configuration like my Baldur/Wilbur/Noor/ team. So far she is only at 3/70 which means she can easily die before the team defenses are up, but if she survives that she is a good contributer with slowly increasing special impact, increasing tile damage and with the all-important background mana gain

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