Yang Mai – 5* Fire/ Red - May 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

thanks @SamMe ! :partying_face: and wow, congrats on your Gefjon! i had a lot of valhalla coins saved up when she was featured (two months ago now?) and burnt them all hoping i might land her because i really wanted a new red 5* and she would have been just the thing. alas, only got Mist as a consolation prize and a whole raft of dupes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but now i have Yang Mai, and she looks very promising. :+1:

oh also, love the new forum-avatar. just referred to her elsewhere as the ‘demonic librarian’ :laughing: i managed to pull her - and Lepus! - in one pull a couple of hours before she went away. :partying_face: :partying_face:

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2nd cMarj or Yang Mai if you can choose

Thanks @Sam-I-Am! I hope you enjoy your Mist.

Where do you plan to use Yang Mai? I think if you have any slow or even average mana heroes, it helps these current HOTMs with an elemental link of small mana gain to shine.

Thanks also for the avatar compliment. Awesome, we both had a very nice run with Springvale this year. :star_struck::star_struck:

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Will wait for starfall circus for Emilio.

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In a vacuum, I’d probably go for second C-Marj. Love fast mana elemental defence down.

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C Marjana is 358% to main target + guaranteed 179% to nearby (which can be even 4 heroes now with the formations). And the elemental debuff and -attack for blues (suck it Cobalt).

Yang Mai is 280% to target + maybe 140% hit to random enemy… or maybe two… some say even 3 once in a blue moon.

Fire C Marjana twice at the same hero and (thanks to the elemental debuff) you have a dead hero and their nearbies heavily damaged.

Fire C Marjana + Yang Mai on the same hero and maybe the target hero is dead if you are lucky but the rest is staring at you thinking what the hell was your plan.

I’d probably make some considerations of what emblems are at your disposal (rogue vs monk) but my experience is rogue are far less popular and easy to give away. But even with a surplus of monk and lack of rogue I’d probably go with second Marj. Her synergy with herself is just too good.


Both monk and rogue emblems also I don’t have spare. :rofl:

But true cMarj is definitely more powerful.


I’m working on a second red stack for wars. she’ll work well alongside Gormek, BT, and Azlar i think.

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Just pulled her with my first summoning of this month (100 atlantis tokens)

do we know much her damage the second hits are?

from what i heard, her special deals around 500-550 and the consecutive hits deal around 250. Those hits will increase in damage as she gets stronger

Minor damage deals half damage


After using 3 FREE :key: :key: :key: I pulled exactly what I wanted


Just figured Glenda bonus dmg + Yang Mai might be best ever!

Glenda increase by 40% + Yang Mai 4 hits will use Glenda bonus 4 times if it happens = 4x 40% extra dmg :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know!
Thanks for sharing this tip

That’s great since I only have 3 hotm in near 4 years nd grimble is one, glenda is other and yang juust joined me today on my first key pull. Was going to use my keys for. 10x but getting her on first pull I stopped.

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I used to like Misandra when S2 heroes were powerful, I see the HOTM a red Misandra with slight improvements… actually, she’s not a “must to have” at all. However, can be useful. I’ve pulled her this morning and will give her the chance… lol

Having just got her I’m going to say she’s okay. Yea it sucks at times when she doesn’t chain but when she does it 5 times in a row, that’s such an awesome feeling. I feel that because they dropped it to 50% chance, the consecutive hits should not be minor. That’s really it for her

I hope it’s ok to link this ,it’s a poll about buffing Yang Mai . I’d like to see her back to original form that I tested in beta and having pulled her even more so but I felt his way before I pulled her as posted in lounge. Anyhow here’s the link to poll


Pairing Yang with an attack buff hero can be significant. A few times while testing I’ve hit 2 5 hits in a row. Paired with Krampus that causes her to be dealing double damage. A :100: % buff is crazy for attack. So yes she is a gamble, but a hero that can achieve almost very fast speeds with the link with that damage (don’t forget the tile damage boost) is not to be ignored.

Yes that does mean firing 4 times in a row and having a stack of 4 too. I had that happen as well in testing.

So not groundbreaking but a decent HotM. I would prefer a higher percent that decreases with each hit, by I don’t think she needs a buff

Just pulled her and tested her out at 1.1. Used her on farming runs. Personal thoughts…

  1. My experience, firing her off twice gives her 4stacks on average. May be useful in PVE or titans when paired with g.falcon/wilbur where you can build up her charges.

  2. Might not be too useful on raids, i dont usually like the “gamble” heroes on raids.

  3. The element link essentially makes her v.fast and is very useful in a red stack/mono red team.

  4. I like the animation of the special skill.

Overall, i like the hero but im not sure she would fit in my current mono re team. Maybe on titans…

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