Yang Mai – 5* Fire/ Red - May 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I think the potential tile damage is being overlooked. Especially with a red mono team and with mana boosters in play on top of her link.


Well when she tops out its essentially a 10% permanent boost to tile damage

10% or 50% when she tops out? I thought 50%. Or were you guys talking about something else besides her stack?

She tops out at 50% attack up for her individual attack stat. I was saying that more or less equates to a 10% boost to tile damage assuming a mono stack

gotcha. that makes sense.

Who should I ascend to between 3/70 Yang Mai and 3/70 Anzogh?

Should I wait for a better option since i am C2P and the 4-mat is so hard to come by.

I have +9 Bertila, +6 C. Azlar and is currently working on C. Lianna.

Hi all!! :wink::v:
Idk if this is the right section/place to talk about it… or if anyone cares about it :sweat_smile:… but if i could ask one thing ( aside BUFFING her ofc )…is to change her skill’s “animation”!!! What happened??? Lack of imagination??? They took Malosi one and placed here!!

It’s the same fist just stretched and filtered but, if you carefully look at it, it has the same shadows and wrinkles,…basically it’s the same samoan warrior fist with higher gamma!! She deserves way more than that!!! :heart_eyes:


In my experience, waiting never hurt me once I had a couple decent teams. I’d often wait to have 10 Tabards, for example, before ascending a 3/70 5*.

If you would rather not wait because either Anzogh or Yang Mai will really help…I would go with her for the mana boost and because later heroes have generally just got stronger.

I like Anzogh and that he’s a wizard but rarely use him.


I have 12 rings so if i happen to pull another 5 star red i could still ascend another

Yup and s3 4* tettukh also using the same fist bump. SG too lazy to create new animation

Maybe they’ve run out of ideas. They may need help getting their creative juices flowing.


Not a particularly helpful observation, but perhaps an amusing one. I was working on finishing the “complete X underwater levels” mission using Yang Mai, and I noticed that her innate ability to resist water damage prevents her from taking damage when the O2 counter reaches zero. So Poseidon and Ariel - the literal king and princess of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis - can’t breathe underwater, but Yang Mai can! :laughing:


Apparently all the Atlantis heroes can’t breathe underwater

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Yeap that also works with the poison dot resting hotm on the poison mist stages, always found it funny :grin:

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