Yang Mai – 5* Fire/ Red - May 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

The June HoTM Elradir has the link, but he’s average speed


i have her currently at +15 and she is doing better then elena which she replaced, pairing her with falcon or c.marjana is crucial it increases her damage significantly.

Elemental link is great, espceially at fast speed she both supports average / slow heros load even when no tiles are on board.

her damage is of course a bit random but on average she is doing decent damage.


Which emblem path did you take for her seeing you went Def Team?

i am going full attack gotta improve the strengh of a hero and hers is obviously attack and dealing damage.

she has decent base stats on def and health to give her enough survivalbility.

4 nodes to go 2x attack, 1x health, 1x def.

will bring her to

840 / 852 / 1446


2 rings away so giving her a run at 3.70. She is proving to be quite fun in a 4/1 stack.

In this match she shot 3 times for the following overall damage:

604 (boosted by Wilbur)

That is quite a big damage output for a 3.70 hero, plus the awesome elemental link (the main reason she is on this team), plus the boost to tile damage (which is harder to quantify, but does make an impact).

She fits in very well with a battle of attrition team as she will get stronger and stronger, besides boosting everyone’s mana to ensure survivability

Quite eager to get those 2 extra rings…


Game vs. Onyx Frigg Garnet Odin Cobalt defense incl ridiculous ninja dodges and Cobald using 3x + Jinx. MVP Yang Mai wins the game that would otherwise be probably lost.


I wish she hit like Finley. Then this would be an amazing hero!

That was a bad ■■■ finish! :slight_smile:

Well finley is more reliable yes, but it would have failed in the endgame situation of the video i just posted, endgame is where yang mai shines especially if heros have low health.

Finley style special would have killed onyx wasting damage or damaged half of cobalts health.

I like the fact you point that out people often praise strong heroes and type where weaker ones fail but there are example like this one where strong hero fail in some situations just like all others heroes they have their weaknes.

Personally I like Yang Mai most for the link she can speed up my boy Azlar with his costume to do some serious dmg.

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I got Yang Mai not long ago and almost have her fully leveled myself. Been trying her out and I’m enjoying having her on my team. Like everyone else I wish they would have left her chance for additional hits a little higher cause I rarely get her stack to 10. But she is fun and when she hits more it feels great. Can’t wait to put emblems on her.


Testing her out in revenge battles!


How much mana benefit does her elemental link bring?

Fast hero loads in 6 tiles (3 ghost tiles) and four turns of elemental link (no mana troops)


Here’s some more.

With nine tiles average heroes that need 10
tiles are ready after two turns and slow ones with enough mana boost to load in 11 tiles are ready after 4 turns.

With eight tiles average heroes that need 10
tiles are ready after three turns and slow ones with enough mana boost to load in 11 tiles wont get ready at all.

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Yang Mai Army showing how her stacks and damage play out.
When I play with my Yang Mai +15 I usually get her stack up to 5 or higher more times than not. And hit 10 pretty regularly. She hits pretty solid when I do. I’m enjoying having her on my team.


Drat !! I failed to get this hero. Oh, well…


You mean on maps? or do you use some heavy healer based raid team? I do use mine and I end up with 3 to 5 stacks sometimes 7 never reach 10 before match ends in PvP

Would someone please explain stacks to me? What they are and how they work. I just don’t get it.

Basically permanent modifiers or ailments within the context of a raid of PVE stage.

Skadi gives stacks that drain health and decrease mana gen. Depending on how many minions/heroes she kills with her special(s) the stack size grows with greater effect.

Yang Mai’s attack goes up with each stack. Each stack is gained with each hit she does as part of her special - so it could be between 1 and 5 each time she uses her special. Each stack gives her a 5% increase to attack with a maximum of 10 stacks in total, i.e. +50% attack

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Okay, now it’s gelling. So with Mireweave, she has a +10% attack stack with up to 10 stacks. So she can potentially stack +100% additional attack. Her attack is 115%. Does that mean her potential attack is now 215%?

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