Yang Mai – 5* Fire/ Red - May 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Since I pulled her quite early and had both rings and monk emblems lying around, I maxed her and took for PVP rides. That’s for a more educated, live game based comment.

She is not useless, but not a insta win hero also. Finally a red HotM that’s actually about dealing damage, which is probably the best reason to have her.

  • extra hits come at reasonable amount - though it’s still a gamble. Can’t have her be your last resort as you will be disappointed. If you aim for a long game, that kind of evens out. I thought I will be disappointed more often.
  • mana link is neat, helps even if I take her in rainbow squad
  • damage is pretty weak, though adds up when you are lucky to get a fist streak on a single target
  • she is fun to play and have potential to be satisfying when chain lands (that’s probably an inner gambler effect); not the most effective option available though, so ‘have some fun if you don’t mind losing when unlucky’ :man_shrugging: that 500 on main target is sad when I have Gefjon hitting for 1000 without having to build 10 stacks first;

Here’s her stats and dmg output at stack 10 (she was emblemmed half way through, had Heimdall’s buff and 29 level mana troop) if anyone’s interested.


was that a maxed garnet? how much def? 1200?

That’s the player’s Garnet:

Didn’t click on stats in game unfortunately.

Ok i think she has enough attack up and needs to be paired with a def down hero to get most value due to how attack / def ratios work.

with -34 def instead off additional attack she would have done probably 600-700 damage.

Seeing in my video that she can do almost 900 damage on defense. i think she is overall ok both for defense and offense also due to her decent stats.

I got her with 30 pulls , i totally love her. Will be a monster in my mono red with C.Marjana ,BT,Khagan and Grazul! :slight_smile:


I got Yang Mai from a single Valhalla coin pull I made tonight :grinning:


You also got almur who is the one 4* I’m hoping for still. I pulled Yang Mai on first costume chamber pull and stopped . I didn’t get anything from ToL and since I got her I’m skipping valhalla this month I have 12 pulls left plus the rest of hard from 25 on and he bonus coins for finishing. Frigg is my only s3 5, not bad at all but hope to match her with gefjon and another hotm maybe from July yellow hotm she’s pretty good. But I’m dying for red 5*. Congrats again, she’s dry nice to have and almur too!

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Thanks! Actually, I think this Almur is already my fifth copy of him. For some reason, RNG loves sending me duplicates of him. :sweat_smile:

I already have a fully emblemed Almur, and I am planning to level a second one. To downsize my roster, I fed away the third and fourth ones I got from previous Valhalla portals. If only I could send your way this copy of Almur, I would gladly do it.

Wishing you all the best in your future pulls as well :blush:

Right, hammer meets nail. I prefer attritional match-ups because it gives me more control and decreases my dependency on RNG’s good graces. With good synergy and two healers you can be competetive in almost any match-up. This is why I am optimistic about Yang Mai. Her elemental link will make Mono, and 4+1 or 3+2 Red heavy teams way more viable.

In Ninja Tower or other events building her stack up (provided that you can keep her alive) will give a good advantage for boss levels. If I end up finishing levels just a bit sooner in the tower I would welcome the time saved. I already spend too much time on this game :rofl:


pulled my third yang mai with less then 15 pulls.

but the game does not want to give me event heros.

I pulled Yang Mai today from the event portal.

I am quite happy with her as my red bench isn’t great and my titan team is unfortunately filled with heroes who deliver burn damage that cancel each other out when they all charge and fire at once. I am still missing some of the season 1 classics for reds (and greens) and the only 5* fire hero I have full maxed (save for emblems) is JF.

I like using Mireweave for challenge events and ninja tower so she can charge up her stacks before the boss level, and I can see me doing the same with Yang Mai.

Since I am so undecided about which 5* fire heroes get my rings (I have enough for two) I am currently taking them to 3.70 and testinng them out before making the choice. But I have a feeling that Yang Mai is going to be a strong favourite to get one set. Of course, by the time they are all at 3.70 I may have enough rings for a third hero since it is taking forever!


i just acended her to the last level give a couple of days and can make som videos with her.


All attack route. Good stats for an attack hero.


Excuse me while I just pop in to say, all triumphant like,


Thank you, as you were.


Got her during the monthly event and maxed her asap. I had around 20 rings and no red heroes so nothing to think about, it’s the only color where I have much more mats than heroes, don’t know where I always got those rings. :grimacing:

After some playing I must say, I love her.
Her most use was in pvp and war, in a mono Team she is great with her element link, but that’s not really my playstyle.
Most of the time I used her in a 3-2 stack, or sometimes even as a single red hero and she works great there too. She is pseudo very fast, after firing her the first time I need 3 ghosted tiles and two turns to charge her again. I ended most of the battles with a 5-8 stack, sometimes she reached 10, sometimes, most of the time when the board was great, beneath 5.
I was missing some really hard hitting red, I had tyr and Vanda who are great but don’t do a lot of damage, Jf with his dot, also nice and the S1 heroes either slow or like Marjana not really hard hitting, so she was more than welcome.

Since she is max we had 2 green Titans, I know not a big sample size, but she reached stack 10 after maybe half the fight, when the board was decent. But even with only stack 2 or 3 she has one of the highest tile damage in my team.

I haven’t tested her on defense, but mostly because of the lack of emblems for her, although after finishing Raffaele she will be the next who gets emblems in her class.

In the last time, most of the hotm were a little bit niche, most not bad just very situational. Frosth works great with a minion team, but without he doesn’t have much use beside his element link for mono players. Malinca is a little bit of gamble hero, Uraeus is great against minion teams, but against all others just an average sniper. Bertilla is a slow Aoe hero…
Yang Mai is probably the first (maybe beside malinca) since a long time who can work in pretty much every aspect of the game and nearly all team compositions. She is not a support hero who needs some special allies or a counter against some special defense teams.


Haven’t pulled much this month, was just letting my TCs pile up for Starfall summons, but I saw Lepiota as a featured hero and thought a 10× would be appropriate.

Standard slop pops out; nine 3* heroes, another Wu Kong… then the bonus draw. (Kip Dynamite first pump, yessss)

Super pumped on this hero. I love titans, mythic and standard, so I’ve fast tracked her to max.


I’ve been working on JF 3/43 and I have Tyr slated next. If Yang Mai is a titan specialist, and if JF and Tyr are not (and I could use a titan specialist badly), should I move YM up in the queue?

Note: I won’t be able to take JF to 4th ascension yet as I need 2 more sets of rings.

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i maxed bertila uraeus malicna yang mai all of them a great heros

It depends on how much you value titan heroes. I probably would move YM up the queue for ascension.

I would keep in mind that you can use battle items during titan flags. And consider emblems too.


Me too, the only hotm in the last time I didn’t get was malinca, which is a little bit funny because this month I probably summoned the most, because I was able to use all my coins for the Easter event.

Never said anything else, in the right circumstances they are great. But not as independent as Yang Mai.

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