Yada: yet another defense team advice needed


i recently managed to get a team at 4000+ teamstrength which i use for my defense. (approach: use strongest heroes for defense for now).


Every now and then i’m still kicked out of diamond arena (not far…) and have (and can) fight my way back in.

Do you see any improvements possible fow now? Any advice? Goal is to stay convenient in diamond arena… (i can’t ascend guin or gravemaker any time soon… so i have to work with the ones below (no ascension possible at the moment)

thanks in advance,


Boldie Rigs Leo Sarta Marja

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What about “Sturmfang”? Thats a pretty awesome name. :slight_smile:

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That’s the german name of Boldtusk, which would be sth like stormcatch in english. Boldtusk would be Fettzahn when it was correctly translated to german. Weirdest german translation of a hero’s name.


I know it just sounds cool though. Like Grabmacher for Gravemaker.

Yeah, but Gravey has been simply tranlated, while Boldie got a whole new name.

hm… 2 emblemed healers… maybe i should give it a try… so far i just tried either Rigard OR Boldtusk… Leo as tank i haven’t tried as well (cause i thought he might be free lunch for all the guin hunters out there)… i tried all other as tank (Frida, Boldtusk, Sartana, Rigard, …) but never Leonidas so far…

He isn’t that necessary for your team and will dump tiles, while the others will charge. Doesn’t matter if he will die and if he will cast, yay… Every tank will die fast and often enough without a single cast.

Evelyn - GM - Frida - Marjana - Sartana

for the future since i can’t ascend gravemaker (0 rings) this could be a suggesstion… without him? … and btw why no healer on defense?

Then I would suggest the below:

Evelyn - Frida - Marjana - Sartana - Leonidas

Leo is crucial in the corner for you as the last fighter.

this i can try… do you have good experience with 0 healers on defense? I’m always in doubt if i should run 0, 1 or even 2 healers on defense and where to put them…

Try several options.

My opinion is to put at least 2 healers on any defense. If there are snipers only, I’m going to attack. Im afraid of 2 or 3 healers, but then I bring 4 or 5 Snipers.

Since healing is a defensive special, I will use it like so.

5 snipers will die on 90% of my raids, my defeats are mostly due to healers, buffs, ailments etc.

i agree that when i’m attacking and there is no healer i usually like it (since all damage i do stays at the opponent… i just have to take care to stay healed myself…) on the other side… i lost quite a few times if 5 opponents keap beating me before i can heal myself… that’s why i’m in doubt… so far i have chosen the golden middle (1 healer) but always wonder if + or - 1 healer would be better… so maybe i have to try all options and see what works best…

Sadly there isn’t much of a difference due to the strategy being used for defense. You’re going to hold the amount of cups matching your teampower. If you have cool heroes, maybe 10% more than with weaker ones.

Any def won’t keep you well above 2700 cups. But better heroes help to win attacks.

since i just lost ~300 cups (2690 -> 2390) i will try with your first suggestion for a while now…:

Boldie Rigs Leo Sarta Marja

with 2.5 healers (if we consider Leo a healer :wink: )

this is team strength 3915.

All attack team Evelyn - Frida - Marjana - Sartana - Leonidas would be 4050 team strength, maybe i’ll try this as well later…

but i’m not sure how i could compare them exactly… maybe you are right and it doesn’t matter… and with a team of +/-4000 i simply can’t manage to stay consistently in diamond…

team strength is not a good measure. If they gel well together it will work regardless of team strength.

i thought about that as well… boldtusk and rigard do something for the teammates (besides healing i mean)… my 5 stars don’t do something for my teammates… and i don’t have a 2nd good blue or green option for Frida or Evelyn (that could benefit from the elemental defense down or elemental link)…so my 5 star are kind of stand alone with no buffs or synergy effects…)

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That does happen but I am just pointing out the team strength isn’t everything.

Boldie and Rigard are great at what they do.

Blue and Green are my weakest at 5*. Lianna for green but thats it. Isarnia for blue.

My defense is Anzogh Drake Kunchen Onatel Lianna. Hoping to pull something new soon.

On attack, but not on def. Estimated 60%+ depends on tile damage. The more you stack, the more you need luck. The less you stack, the more you lose as well. That’s the actual way.

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